Claudia Schiffer - Guess photoshoot

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is stunning in this Guess 60’s collection. How many of us can say we look this good at 42? Over the last twenty years the genetically-blessed Claudia Schiffer, still looks fashionably chic, with barely a wrinkle in sight. The fashion industry through Claudia, states class. She has never had a bad image, seen drunk or drugged up for that matter. She is a supermodel with a super role model.

The shoot apart from the collection is a gorgeous example of the 1960’s era. What inspires for me is to learn the art of creating the epic hairstyles. For me they are always timeless and when you get it right. For any women, it’s a  stunning look.

Claudia Schiffer did this shoot for the  2012 campaign for the 60’s image label called Guess, marking the brand’s 30th anniversary

How To Adopt The Claudia Schiffer 60’s Style Hair?