As the temperature rises, so do our hemlines. Necklines may or may not plunge, but the layers always come off. This is also the time a lot of us decide to make updates to our wardrobe. Summer fashion changes all the time, and it’s often difficult to keep up with the trends, especially for the non-fashionistas out there. However, there are some essentials that can work for virtually anyone and that will save you if you’re in a pinch. Here are eight summer wardrobe essentials for women.

A White Linen Dress

A white linen dress has many points in its favor and should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is a simple item you can wear by itself, or you could dress it up with jewelry and a fancy belt. It is cool and breezy, and the natural creases are part of the charm of the fabric. Also, this is one of the most versatile items you can find as it can be dressed up or down in a ton of ways.

A Floral Dress

Floral dresses are another summer staple. Odds are you already own at least one. If not, pick up a throw-it-on floral dress. They’re something you can wear around the house or out on the town. You can dress it up with a nice belt and accessories, or you can slip it on over your swimsuit before heading out for a swim.

Milkmaid Tops

Milkmaid tops have a square neckline combined with covered shoulders and sleeves, though a few have attached sleeves while leaving your shoulders bare. You can find upscale versions with lacey details, shirred bodices, bows and cool patterns, and they’ll keep you cool as well. They also don’t pose the same risk of a wardrobe malfunction that you’d face with plunging necklines. Another thing going for them is that they look great with jeans or fancy maxi skirts.

A Vest Top

If you want your shoulders and arms bare but want to cover your bust, a vest top is the best choice. It is more stylish than a mere T-shirt. You can find racer style vest tops to show more shoulder. Ribbed tanks with wide straps will keep you cool, but they cover enough that you can wear them to the office in comfort. A side benefit of tank tops like these are that you can wear a sweater, open front shirt or jacket over them when the weather starts to cool, getting more life out of them.

Beige Jeans

Beige jeans are a cool distraction from the classic denim. They’re cooler and more durable than khaki pants. They aren’t as bold as white jeans, and they’ll hide stains better, too. You can find stylish beige jeans in a variety of cuts. You can wear them with any type of top, and you can wear them into the fall, too.

Fashion Sneakers

High heels may show off your long legs, but they’re dangerous to walk in. While sandals may look cool, they don’t protect your feet. Yet you don’t want to kill your outfit by wearing dingy sneakers. The solution is to pick out something designer, such as a classy pair of Balenciaga sneakers.  SSense has a wide selection of designer shoes, where you can find everything from knife mules to upscale sneakers. They also have a collection of designer bags and accessories that will complete your look.

Stylish sneakers will be equally suitable for walking to the park or walking to work. And unlike the tan leather sliders that are popular this season, you can slip them on and show them off without having to worry about your toenails.

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Go-With-Anything Sunglasses

Don’t collect as many sunglasses as you have handbags or shoes. You won’t use them as often as the latter, and you’ll just add to the time it takes to assemble your outfit. Instead, pick out one or two pairs of go-with-anything sunglasses. Then you can keep one in your handbag and a spare in the car. You’ll always be able to slip them on and get on with life. Just make sure these shades protect you from glare and ultraviolet rays.


A Nice Bulky Bag

No time to get cute here. While a fancy bag is always nice, the goal here is to pick something that will be big enough to bring anything you need. You need a bag deep enough to carry things like sun lotion, your laptop, other devices, and even an extra pair of shoes. A nice big bag could double as a travel and everyday bag and will protect your stuff no matter the weather. Make sure that you pick one that is durable enough and comfortable to carry.

Use our list of summer wardrobe essentials to look and feel cool all summer. You’ll be able to mix and match these items with each other and everything else you own.

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