Bimba and Lola - red rose fabric suits 2013

Bimba & Lola

I’ve been wearing this label for over a year now. Everytime I wear my red suit or run around in my green suede heels. I always get stopped and asked where is that from. So I felt I better talk about the founders and designers Uxia and Maria Dominguez. They know what they are designing. This label is refreshing and different from what other high street stores have to offer.

For this very reason I know it’s the up and coming high end Spanish label for 2013. The great thing about what it has to offer is the bright, great quality and authenticity for now. I would go as far as to say that it’s the Prada equivalent both in quality, style and originality.

The Suits

Great material, thick quality fabric. Always lined and the patterns used can be worn as a whole suit or break it up if you like. The cut and design is very femine very practical and well suited for dinner, business or London Fashion week. It’s where I got photographed the most. Rightly so.

The Leather

High quality and well made, that is all I have to say. The colours are fun and vibrant and the lining is playful, the bags just feel gorgeous. The shoes are well made from soft leather, I can run a marathon in these shoes every single time.

How To Wear Bimba & Lola

With the colours don’t be afraid to mix and match. Regarding the floral patterns team it up with something from your own wardrobe. The shoe colours, I would experiment with, as you will be surprised how well the colours work with your existing wardrobe. I bought pale blue boots and this colour goes well with bright colours.

One thing for sure this label is going to expand and I am selfish to say that I stood out wearing this label. Sadly I know those days are over soon, as in no time at all many British ladies will be wearing this label.

Stores are now located at Westfield shopping center, Sloane Square and Westbourne Grove.

Gracie Opulanza - wearing - Bimba and Lola - red suit for 2013

London Fashion week 2013 – I could have sold this suit and shoes a thousand times over

Bimba and Lola - Red suits for women 2013

Amanda wearing my Bimba and Lola suit

Bimba and Lola red Asian skirt 2013

My skirt, you guessed it. In Amanda’s wardrobe now

Bimba and Lola - purple patterns suits for women 2013

This suit in stores right now

Bimba and Lola - Green suede high heels 2013

At London Fashion week I could have sold these a millions times over

Bimba and Lola - Orange Travel bag for 2013


Bimba and Lola - Orange Travel bag for 2013

How stylish do I look when travelling with this. Don’t even think about it Amanda.

Bimba and Lola - red rose fabric suits 2013

My suit fabric just pulls in so much attention

Bimba and Lola  orange and silver cardigans  2013

Rocking colour for this spring summer

Bimba and Lola  - Pale blue suede boots for 2013

These boots go with any bright colour and I can run a marathon in them.