At the London Fashion Week, I had a chance to wear a white dress designed by Ben Adams. I felt like Cleopatra in this dress. Here is some more info about the guy behind the design and his interests in the fashion industry.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams studied designing and pattern cutting whilst at London College of Fashion. During this time his garments have featured in various magazines and he continues to create womenswear designs for clients and is currently working towards his own S/S 2015 Collection. When studying at London College of Fashion Ben started his modelling career, now based with one of London’s leading boutique agencies Sapphire models. Ben has worked with some of the top names in fashion for both his modelling and designing skills including Rankin, Fault Magazine, Matthew Williamson and Martin Grant.


Ben Adams


When Ben went into his second year at London College of fashion, he and his partner Daniel Jones, started up their own production company called VIVID Fashion Grp. They produce and create fashion shows/events/shoots and films. creating something they like to call ‘Fashion Theatre’ They work with established brands but they also help emerging brands/companies and all aspects of the fashion industry from stylists to hair and makeup artists. They are currently achieving this through creating a new magazine titled “VIVID MAGAZINE” which will be released early May. This magazine will feature up and coming talent within the fashion industry. They are both currently working hard on Vivid’s launch event which will take place in September’s LFW. This will showcase to new clients and to the fashion industry what Vivid is about and show Vivids ‘fashion theatre’ style.

Ben will also be showcasing his first-ever S/S 2015 collection in his own off-schedule show.

The Dress

Ben designed and created this dress for Gracie Opulanza to wear at LFW, the influence behind the dress was inspired by the Pre Raphaelite era & Sexual fetishism. Combining these two research elements and contrasting them by using soft textures against hard, thick between transparent, jersey against leather. Ben kept the silhouette pre-Raphaelite but used detail to bring through the Sexual fetishism.


London Fashion Week MenStyleFashion



Gracie Opulanza & Ben Adams

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Gracie Opulanza & Ben Adams