Since Levi’s started producing denim in the early 1900s its amazing to see that the jean jacket has not changed. The materials such as stone-washed, indigo or acid wash denim, slim fit or boxy can be still sort after and purchased. Everyone should own a jean jacket but the key is to find one that suits you.

  1. I find the jean jacket looks great during the spring and summer seasons. My first approach to buying a jean jacket is to go into many jean labels and try a few on. Diesel, Hugo Boss, G-star raw, Levi, Guru and Topman will be a great start.
  2.  What I highly recommend for women is choosing ones that are slim fit. Choose a jean jacket that comes in at the breast and ribs. Make sure they fit at the shoulders and arms, avoid going for bigger size this is where it all can look way to big and never button up your jean jacket.
  3. Boxy style jean jackets look great only on men and Johnny Depp. If you ever only want to own one, then I would go for the dark, rich blue denim its a nicer colour on women and looks smart. Not seeing it much for 2012 but still would go for the darker denim.

Why do you need to own a denim jacket? The reason is they are a versatile stylish jacket. that looks fab over lots of attires. I find jean jackets are perfect for airport or summer travel, easy to carry and look right every time. The key is never wear a jean jacket with jeans it just looks wrong. You can wear a jean jacket with any other material it gives a great contrast to the outfit.

They look great with dresses, skirts teamed with pumps. They look fab with long shirt dress and leggings. You can be seen wearing denim jackets over short frocks, long maxi dresses, capris, miniskirts, tights and trousers. These are great for a warm weather and make a perfect casual wear in day and even at night. The jean jacket gives you that urban chic image for spring/summer that we all love. Jackets in light acid wash, studded denim jacket, cut-off denim jacket, hooded denim jacket, cropped denim jacket and many more new styles and designs are available.


G-star collections lead the way for funky denim jackets



I’m loving their 2013 denim cape jackets. They look amazing on.

Rihanna, Balmain Denim Military Jacket 2013

Rihanna, Balmain Denim Military Jacket 2013

G -star raw