Gone are the days when capsule wardrobes were thought of as “no sew” wardrobe composed of stiffly identical pieces. A new generation of women is rewriting the rules of capsule wardrobes by creating more playful, playful versions of the classic format.”

I am fifty always been a lover of high-end handcrafted clothes made in Italy and Europe. My capsule wardrobe is very eccentric. My core categories are accessories, trainers, skirts, jeans, jumpers, and everything to do with knitting.

With my decade of experience on social media and as a mom I am all about sustainable living by buying vintage clothing.

Wonderful item to cover up my bulging belly.

Hot New Patterns For Crocheting Sweaters And Knitwear Gracie Opulanza 2021 crotchet dress (2)

How My Concept Of Vintage Capsule Wardrobes Developed

In creating a more sustainable wardrobe, it can be useful to explore creating a capsule wardrobe for myself. This can be helpful in disrupting my desire to consume and always have more or new things to wear. It can also help me to learn how little I really need to own to order to look good and have outfits to wear for all the occasions I need to dress for. Most of us can do well to live with far fewer garments than we own. I actually do not recommend that you just launch yourself into a capsule wardrobe all at once, but to keep it in mind as a goal to move towards as you slowly pare your wardrobe back to a coherent set of clothing that works well with fewer items

Now at fifty, my belly is larger, my breasts are not so perky and my arms are fatter. Time to have some crochet fun at fifty.

fresco ca sagredo venice palazzo hotel

How To Test Your Capsule Wardrobe

I just sold 15 pairs of brand new high heels shoes on Vestaire. I don’t do high heels in my lifestyle. I own my own business and trainers and everything flat is for me. I also have back issues, so no high heels for me. My shoes need to look amazing and be functional.

So this is how you should work out in your existing wardrobe what shoes work for you and those that don’t get rid of them. It’s bad energy.

knitwear wool artisans venice

This elastic chunky cardigan is amazing for accessories with anything.

Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

I alk around my Tuscany estate in this for my mental health and well being.

Some Common Mistakes People Make With Capsule Wardrobes

Buy new clothes on sale. Always for me means I bought them as they were a bargain not that it suited my existing wardrobe. I always bought in trends. When I do this I rarely wear the clothes as they are not unique. I own shirts that are way too small or don’t work with my existing wardrobe. Invest in a few vintage men’s white shirts, like Audrey Hepburn. Scout for vintage labels like La Coste jumper which are always made of wool or cotton. Opt for grey and blue it is then easy to par with other items in my wardrobe.

Buying from vintage stores means I can create new looks without breaking the bank. Also buying better quality that is in the fast fashion stores like Zara.

Rabbit fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage coat

The vintage shirt is a man’s plus size chequered shirt with massive cuffs. The blue teams are lovely with countryside leather boots and my vintage fur coats.

Work Wardrobe

Most of us are working from home. Zoom time. This does not mean you have to dress down. It is actually a wonderful time to play with colour. Like moss green. Experiment with a gold necklace like Versace or Gucci.

My kids watch me all the time. So it is important to influence my teenage girls regarding vintage quality finds.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option

How To Have More Fun With The “Capsule” Concept

Vintage fur coats are great coats to buy. So many are not used and can be found in vintage stores. They keep you warm in winter. Very eccentric to have if you are a big fan of Lady Gaga, in the house of Gucci. Now is the time to have fun and opt for more staples coats.

This is the second crochet outfit I designed and had made. I am fifty and for many years always promoted wearing handcrafted clothing made in Europe. I am selling clothing on Vestiaire to move preloved items I no longer care to wear. I am doing this so my wardrobe matches my soul when it comes to wearing beautiful clothing.

I found an image and the designer made me this below. It’s on the way to me!

crotchet 2021 gracie opulanza

Handcrafted crochet makes me feel mentally powerful.

Crochet Fun

The following items were made for me. Chunky, art crochet items that team with anything and everything. O opted for red, black and dark blue. They go with leather, leggings, wool skirts and leggings. I also teamed them with my Dolce & Gabbana vintage skirt. Crochet is a wonderful skill to learn when you are in a semi lockdown. Look at this masterpiece. Any of the items can be ordered through me. They take six weeks to make. The cash goes straight into the designer’s pockets. I will team the top with leather leggings. The skirt with my white vintage lace shirt, upcycled in Venice.

Vintage Lace Venice Gracie Opulanza

This is all about mixing and matching with high-end one-pieces. That is who I am when it comes to my wardrobe at fifty.

Crotchet 2021 skirt and dress Gracie Opulanza (2)

All the crochet items look wonderful on anyone at any age.