Crotchet fashion, also known as crochet fashion, is a popular trend in the world of clothing and accessories. With its intricate designs and unique textures, crotchet fashion has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The process of creating crotchet pieces involves using a hook and yarn to create loops and stitches, resulting in beautiful patterns and designs. From delicate tops and dresses to cozy scarves and hats, crotchet fashion offers a wide range of options for fashion-forward individuals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn and master the art of crotchet. Online tutorials, books, and classes can provide step-by-step instructions and tips to create your own crotchet fashion pieces. So, why not embrace the charm and versatility of crotchet fashion and add some handmade flair to your wardrobe?

Moschino wool crotchet cardigan

knitwear upcycling cardigan

My Style Supporting Artisans

The concept of capsule wardrobes has evolved from rigid, identical pieces to more diverse and playful versions. A new generation of women is breaking the traditional rules and creating unique capsule wardrobes that reflect their personal style. For instance, I, a lover of high-end handcrafted clothes from Italy and Europe, have curated an eccentric capsule wardrobe. My core categories include accessories, trainers, skirts, jeans, jumpers, and knitting-related items. With a decade of experience on social media and as a mother, I prioritize sustainable living by purchasing vintage clothing. Additionally, I have found wonderful pieces that help me camouflage my bulging belly. I am surrounded by artisans here in Italy. But this dress top was made in Ukraine.

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How My Concept Of Vintage Capsule Wardrobes Developed

When aiming for a more sustainable wardrobe, it can be beneficial to consider the concept of a capsule wardrobe. This approach helps in curbing excessive consumption and the constant desire for new clothing items. By embracing a capsule wardrobe, one can discover how little they actually need to look good and have appropriate outfits for various occasions. Many of us can live comfortably with fewer garments than we currently own. Instead of immediately transitioning to a capsule wardrobe, it is recommended to gradually pare down one’s wardrobe to a cohesive collection of clothing that requires fewer items. This approach allows for a more mindful and intentional approach to dressing. This dress was made by Massimo Dutti and I was reviewing an amazing Ca’ Sagredo Hotel a 15th-Century Palazzo in Venice

fresco ca sagredo venice palazzo hotel

How To Test Your Capsule Wardrobe

Recently, I successfully sold 15 pairs of brand new high heels shoes on Vestaire, an online platform for buying and selling fashion items. Despite my professional background as a business owner, I personally prefer and prioritize comfortable footwear like trainers and flats, due to both personal taste and back issues. Therefore, when it comes to shoes, I prioritize a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

So this is how you should work out in your existing wardrobe what shoes work for you and those that don’t get rid of them. It’s bad energy.

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Crotchet Chunky Fashion

Chunky crochet is a popular technique that adds depth and texture to your handmade creations. With its larger hooks and thicker yarn, chunky crochet allows you to create cozy blankets, warm scarves, and stylish accessories in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, chunky crochet is a great way to challenge yourself and expand your skills. The key to successful chunky crochet is selecting the right yarn and hook size for your project. The chunkier the yarn and hook, the quicker your project will work up. Additionally, it’s important to maintain tension when working with chunky yarn to ensure consistent stitches. In terms of patterns, chunky crochet lends itself well to simple stitches and repetitive designs that show off the texture of the yarn. So grab your hooks and yarn, and get ready to dive into the world of chunky crochet!

On this occasion, I opted for an elastic chunky cardigan 


Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

I walk around my Tuscany estate in this for my mental health and well-being.

Some Common Mistakes People Make With Capsule Wardrobes

If you’re looking to add some new clothes to your wardrobe without spending a fortune, consider shopping for sales or at vintage stores. When I shop, I prioritize finding items that are both affordable and stylish, rather than focusing solely on how well they match my existing wardrobe. However, I’ve learned that buying trendy pieces often leads to them going unworn, as they tend to lack uniqueness. To avoid this, I now invest in a few timeless vintage men’s white shirts, such as those worn by Audrey Hepburn. Additionally, I keep an eye out for vintage labels like La Coste, which offer high-quality wool or cotton items. Opting for neutral colors like grey and blue makes it easier to mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe. By shopping at vintage stores, I can experiment with new looks without breaking the bank, while also finding better quality items compared to what’s available at fast fashion stores like Zara.



How To Have More Fun With The “Capsule” Concept

recently completed my second crochet outfit, which I am quite proud of. As someone who has always advocated for the use of handmade European clothing, I wanted to showcase my own creation. Upon stumbling upon an image, I reached out to a designer who helped bring my vision to life. Coincidentally, Dolce & Gabbana recently presented their latest collection in Puglia, the region where my parents were born. It was astonishing to notice the striking similarities between my crochet dress and their designs. Handcrafted crochet makes me feel mentally powerful.

crotchet 2021 gracie opulanza

Dolce Gabbana Puglia ITaly 2023 (1)

Crotchet 2021 skirt and dress Gracie Opulanza (2)

Look at the traditional straw basket she is carrying, great for beachwear.

beachwear attire

Crochet Personalise Branding

Crochet Personalise Branding is a crucial aspect of establishing your unique identity in the crochet industry. By incorporating personal touches into your crochet creations, you not only showcase your creativity but also make your products stand out from the competition. To successfully personalize your brand, it is important to understand your target audience and their preferences. This knowledge will help you tailor your designs and color choices to cater to their specific needs and tastes. Additionally, incorporating your signature style or a unique trademark element in your crochet pieces will make them instantly recognizable as your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and materials to create one-of-a-kind designs that truly represent your brand. Remember, the key to successful branding lies in creating a memorable and distinctive crochet experience for your customers.

Vintage Lace Venice Gracie Opulanza


Elastic - Upcycled Garments To Inspire Your Next DIY Project