Jelena Ristic A Fashion Icon That stands out from Tennis (1)

Jelena Ristic

One of the best part of tennis is definitely the fashion outfits on and off the court. The fashion icon off court, who is no match for anyone, is the naturally gorgeous Jelena Ristic. She looked exceptional for the Australian Open final 2012 between boyfriend Djokovic and Nadal. What was it about this epic outfit that got us all wanting to go out and buy it?  If you want to see the dress, watch my video, yes I bought it.

Video: Gracie Opulanza vs Jelena Ristic

jelena ristic - fashion icon who stands out from the tennis crowd

Jelena Ristic – Gorgeous Dress

Jelena Ristic was there when the longest ever grand slam Tennis final was played in tennis history. There was no better time to wear this gorgeous dress than for the epic six tormenting hours. Every time they showed her cheering on, I fell in love with the colour, style and flow of the dress. Her diamond accessories were a perfect balance which completed the look. Her hair did not look one bit out of place after the epic six hours. Her dress portrayed the number one girlfriend chic image.

Jelena knew that this dress was perfect for her and she wore it with confidence. This was clearly displayed by her honest reactions to the game. How could her fist pumping and the way she kept standing on her feet throughout the match, look so powerfully feminine?

Simple, if you choose your right dress, wear it at the right event, the result can be historical. Its no wonder he defended his title and won his fifth Grand Slam with that kind of support behind him.

Jelena Ristic, tweed jacket finals 2013

Jelena Ristic & Novak Djokovic together - romantic Dinner

They are officially engaged as of October 2013