At 25, Jelena Ristic is a talented and successful fashion designer. But even those skilled in the industry need to work their way up. Read the article to learn how Jelena made her unique style and accomplishments.”

She has to be his major tennis fan and support.

She looked exceptional for the Australian Open final 2012 as a girlfriend friend now-husband Novak Djokovic . Her husband is a very successful tennis player. But what is behind his success is his wife. When fiancee Jelena Ristic was watching him in his reach to the top. There was no denying she was a fashion icon in the making.

I notice her at Wimbledon Jelena Ristic supporting him playing the longest ever grand slam Tennis final in tennis history. It was a battle between Nadal and Novak. She has to be his major tennis fan and support

That Blue Dress

There was no better time to wear this flexible blue dress for the epic six tormenting hours. You can watch my video on the exact dress.

Every time they showed her cheering on, I fell in love with the colour, style, and flow of the dress. She looked fresh-faced right through the match. Never giving up the privilege of knowing it takes hard work and mental strength to endure a sport like a tennis player.

Her diamond accessories were a perfect balance which completed the look. This was not a time to showcase couture la wintour outfits. But a simple inexpensive high street brand the price tag of the gown was cheaper than wearing tennis gear.

Greasy Pony

Her hair did not look one bit out of place after the epic six hours of tennis playing. it also looks great when she is wearing a sporty visor.

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Over the years the serbia born style icon is always wearing items that are full complement the ice queen editor of vogue Anna Wintour.

You don’t have to have a master’s degree or head to new york fashion week to become a style icon like Jelena. When she is seen on the arm of her handsome man at galas it’s like being at a Hollywood event. or a front row of ralph lauren. They often attend black-tie events and their black-tie wardrobe is always full of custom pieces This formalwear is part of the billionaires lifestyle and she always looks great at the Novak Djokovic foundation.

Jelena Ristic & Novak Djokovic together - romantic Dinner

When you are using the browser I love seeing her wearing oscar de la renta or in contrast the best skinny jeans style with her very low-key hair.


She always looks great in a trendy fedora hat wearing it with a cool fishtail braid that is always her signature tennis looks.

Jelena Ristic, tweed jacket finals 2013

She is a fan of everything denim even if it’s teaming it with an Alexander McQueen top.

Jelena whilst anywhere around the globe will always be known as the queen of tennis style.

jelena ristic - fashion icon who stands out from the tennis crowd