No matter where a one lives or resides, no matter how tough the economics of life may seem. There is a mystical power and presence jewels has over woman. It’s amazing how accessories truly can make or break an outfit. The launch images show dresses that are beautiful on there own, they just state class and opulence. But with the final touches of a Misahara Jewellery collection added, the saying that diamonds are a girls best friend lingers on.

Misahara Jewellery Launches Adriatic Collection in Porto Montenegro

This past weekend Misahara Jewellery was in Porto Montenegro to celebrate the launch of the Adriatic Collection. “I wanted to launch my newest collection in Porto Montenegro because the Adriatic is the heart of my roots,” says founder and designer Lepa Roskopp. “I have been traveling here since I was a child, and the raw beauty of the area has inspired my entire collection, hence the name Adriatic Collection. My Slavic heritage is very important to me, so I am thrilled to have this event here,” Roskopp added.

Lady Gaga embraces Misahara

You know when your brand is creating a storm when Lady Gaga embraces it.

Lady gaga wearing Misahara


Misahara Jewelry - purple dress

Greg Minnaar as James Bond

Festivities kicked off Friday night with a private collection viewing in the Porto Montenegro pent house. Guests mixed and mingled, enjoying canapés and cocktails while taking in the new collection. Roskopp helped guests get to know the jewellery, telling the Misahara story and describing the inspiration for the new collection. Event partners, Biljana Tipsarević and Luby & Lemerald showcased their designs as well.

Saturday night the stage was set for the main event. Guests arrived to Jetti One, at the heart of Porto Montenegro and scenically set on the Adriatic Sea, and walked the blue carpet at the beautiful venue. Misahara partner, True Collection, had its team of True Athletes in attendance that put on a spectacular jewellery heist skit, where James Bond (Athlete Greg Minnaar) arrived with two beautiful models only to have their jewels stolen by bandits on bikes (Athletes Cedric Garcia and Josh Bryceland), who then flipped into the sea, escaping by boat. James Bond (Minnaar) then rushed after them by boat, defeats the bandits and returns the jewels to the awaiting girls, and the evening began.

Greg Minnaar Jewelry Launch Misahara

The night was accompanied by Bond-inspired musical accompaniments performed by local artist Nina Petkovic. Guests mingled with models wearing the Adriatic jewels and dressed in couture designs from Biljana Tipsarević. Glitterati from the surrounding area sparkled the event, enjoying the sights, sounds, and designs amongst super yachts and beautiful waters. Event partners Biljana Tipsarević, Luby & Lemeral, and Vilenki were also present, representing their designs and supporting Misahara.

Mountain Bike escape in the river

Cedric Gracia escaping with the jewels

As the evening was coming to an end, everyone turned their eyes to the sky to witness an amazing sky fall from another Bond (Athlete J.T. Holmes) as he sky dove into the event, landing on the jetti, being greeted by beautiful women and walking the blue carpet into the party. It was the icing on the cake of a night full of glamour and excitement.

“The evening was a great success,” says Roskopp. “We are thankful to everyone who attended and grateful to our amazing partners who made the evening possible. Action, fashion and lifestyle! I love it!”

Greg-Minnaar Jewelry Launch Team Misahara

Greg-Minnaar Jewellery Launch withTeam Misahara

Sunday was spent with the Misahara family and friends relaxing and exploring the Adriatic in good fun and style. Family and friends of Roskopp, as well as the True Athletes from True.

Misahara Jewelry Launch