Diamond Rings – In A Rich Man’s World

Like many women around I own a diamond ring, it was given to me when I was proposed to. I still love my diamond ring, but now and then my mind wanders, what if money was no object.

If money was no object there is one certainty I would buy the biggest diamond ring possible.  Who better to entice my thoughts than ABBA’s “If I had a little money in a rich man’s world, All the things I could do”. I am going to now share with you the diamond rings I would own if given the chance.

I have large hands for a women so the bigger the ring the better it suits me. The bigger the diamond the more elegant my hands look. What diamond rings would I choose? I like unusual shapes and am a lover of white gold. But also for me as I am always expressing with my hands and therefore in photo shots of me interviewing,  the ring will be a huge winner every single time.

My 6 Favourite Diamond Rings

Elizabeth Taylor showing her diamond ring

If there was one women in history that was given diamonds and wore them well it’s the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor. Her amazing eyes for me were diamonds in themselves. The fact  was  Elizabeth Taylor  at the time was so beautiful and powerful, hence men gave her the most astounding diamonds to wear. It was in their wealth that they thought would keep her committed to them. But  throughout her life she married several times which she proved  in getting yourself a new diamond ring.

Large Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds for me are just delightful. They are not seen much but certainly a statement in itself.  Did you know that  the color scale for white diamonds runs from D to Z. However there is a continual scale all the way from D color pure white all the way through to a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond.  On one end of the spectrum you have completely white without any traces of yellow whatsoever. ON the other end of the spectrum you have a diamond fully saturated with yellow and no traces of whiteness whatsoever.

Vintage Diamond ring

Now I am a lover of vintage rings and for me this colour and shape is an all time classic. Caution here because a vintage diamond can be very tricky when trying to determine its color because these older diamonds tend to face up better (look whiter) than they actually are. This is because they were cut before there was electricity and they reflect light quite differently than newly cut diamonds. A seller who does not have a certified gemologist on staff can easily make a mistake in grading the central diamond and what appears to be a good price is really not if you later find out the diamond is a few grades lower.

Diamond Rings for women (5)

The mix of vintage with a modern style is for me a nice clear message for the modern women. But be-careful, you will never regret a purchase if you have paid a fair price for something of excellent quality. The reality is that you get what you pay for! If the price seems lower than expected there is always a reason for it and it is usually worth avoiding. For example, the central diamond may have been cut to look larger than it actually is rendering the diamond’s proportions to be off resulting in a diamond that is worth a lot less!

Diamond Rings for women (6)

It’s all in the detail and the complexity of this ring sums up a women right there. Do not hesitate as most vintage diamond engagement rings are one of a kind and chances are that you will never find another one just like it!

Diamond Rings for women (7)

The mixture of the two stones goes to show that us women at the best of time can be very indecisive. Always take note that a diamond is always a girls best friend no matter what the cost.