The 5 Hottest Fashion Trends for This Coming Summer

The long winter is finally over and after the spring season, the summer is here to welcome us each day shining bright and making us sweat.  We all have responded to it joyously with flip flops, ice tea, storage boxes, and not to forget lighter fashion. As the season changes, we see a drastic change in fashion. New trends come by and we have to restyle the old ones.

Here are the 5 hottest trends for this coming summer you need to be aware of:

Prints and Florals

As the temperature is warming up, the hottest trends are emerging. Printed shots are on the runways, my friend. It’s all about flaunting yourself by drawing eyes to your legs with printed shorts. Balance is maintained with a plain blouse. It’s the key to look hot this summer.

These printed shorts aren’t the only hot trends. Floral prints will also be spotted. However, small floral prints are more popular than huge ones.

Dubai @ffwddxb Asudari mariascard photographer (41)

Peek-A-Boo Laces

Peek-a-boo laces are one of the most outrageous styles of 2014 summer. These playful styles were seen on the ramp a lot lately. It’s not just the peek-a-boo lace gowns that are going to be famous. We will see a touch of peek-a-boo in tops and shoes too. It’s a perfect flaunting tool for summer. The best colours include navy blue, black, beige, and peach.

Leather Is The New Light Fabric

It sounds crazy to hear the idea of wearing leather in summer. It’s a cold-weather fabric but it can still be wearable if the silhouettes are kept airy and light colours are chosen. The dress does not need to be entirely made from leather; just a touch of leather around the corner will do the work.

Gracie Opulanza and Greg Minnaar

Cropped Tops are Back

If you are not comfortable with showing your whole skin but you do wish to look chic then the cropped tops are back in the trends. Crop the blouse to the level you want and flaunt your style.

Greg Minnaar DownHill Mountain Biker 3 time world Champion 7 Gracie Opulanza For SportStyleFashion (4)

Going Backless

Going backless isn’t a new trend but as it’s summer, we have seen backless dresses on the ramp. Even a number of celebs were wearing the backless gowns on red carpet. Well why not, it should be business in the front and party in the back! It sure is a dramatic reveal. You stay cool and classy at the same time. It’s not necessary to go full backless, a big hole in the middle can also be a daring style.

Ezra Santos Couture - Dubai Fashion Week 2014 (2)

These hottest trends can be made innovative according to your own variations. There are many celeb looks from which you can steal an inspirational style. For summer, go floral, go printed, crop the blouse, or go backless, make your own variations and create great summer looks for each day. These trends are going to go a long way this summer. Light colours, light fabric, and a combination of the latest trends in fashion for this summer can let you make your own style statement. So just move under the sun confidently wearing your particular style!