Greg Minnaar

It’s been a tough year in regards to building MenStyleFashion, getting your vision out there is hard. But hanging around 3 Time Downhill Mountain Biker World Champion Athlete Greg Minnaar, is why I will keep on going and never give up. You have to be a calm character to hang around me. Greg Minnaar is one of those athletes that just rides the track and goes with the flow.

His calm and humble nature is why over the course of the next few weeks what we are going to do, is literally going to be super extreme fashion fun.  For me working with Greg is all about edifying and enhancing who he really is. A man who is influential within his sport.

Huge thanks to Greg Minnaar for believing in me. Game on with the athletes, they are the real deal. Brace yourselves a lot more is to come.  Just remember SportStyleFashion men don’t pose on the catwalk and you will see that very soon.