I’m a huge fan of leather couture more so than ever. It’s a material that just empowers me and over the last year, designers have taken leather to high levels when it comes to raising the dated image. To design at this level with leather is a skill on its own.  If leather is worn well then it can literally turn heads. Trust me I have experienced it a lot this year.

Why Wear Leather?

It’s a material that looks and feels amazing if chosen well. It’s a material that keeps you warm in winter and wears well over time. In all the leather outfits  I own when I wear it with the right look. I get compliments all the time. I find men just adore leather on women when worn in a chic way.

Choose Leather Couture

The following images are examples that when it comes to leather couture it can truly look rock chic and super sexy. Don’t worry I am setting the trend when it comes to leather couture this winter let alone this year.

The two designers leading the way are both from Holland called  Marga Weimans and Monique Collignon.