From the romantic to futuristic (with little black numbers thrown in), there was a lot going on in Amsterdam Fashion Week. These are my selections for the top three designers to grace the runway.

Bastian Visc

Bastian produced a collection that was influenced by different countries and cultures. The prints were loud, proud and exciting. There was a lot happening in the Dutch designer´s fairy tale inspired presentation, which won him the Lichting 2014 Award, a competition for designers aimed at exclusively hunting out the young, fresh talents from the Netherlands. This award receives good all round exposure thanks to its sponsorship from Vroom & Dreesmann. After accepting his prize, Vish quite simply said “Winning this is the key to my future.”

Bastian Visch

Ilja Visser

IIja is already an established name within her domain. She reinforced her identity by showcasing an original collection which incorporated bright shades (think lilac, green and yellow) which was expressive and light hearted, but also very wearable.

Ilja Visser

Marga Weimans

Hailed by some as ´Amsterdam Fashion Week´s Art Princess´, (and a front runner to rival Iris Van Herpen) Marga focused her trademark ethereal / dreaminess into the street showing a collection of confident and wearable poetic, paint drizzled dresses combining vintage leather with industrial textiles all wrapped up in purple, grey, black and brown. For more images check out Gracie‚Äôs article on Marga Weimans.

Marga-Weimans Marga-Weimans-2