The one thing I adore about what I do is most of the time I am an impulsive character. So in my mind, I was in Holland to embrace the culture which I have been doing throughout the last 17 years. Unbeknownst to me, it was the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. So I sent out a tweet and before you knew it I was welcomed by the friendly Dutch fashionistas. It’s my first time attending this event and I was keen to see what was awaiting me both on and off that catwalk. I always had my reservations about the Dutch women and the way they dress, but this collection certainly was great.

GRAZIA Netherlands

For those of you who don’t know, my birth name is actually GRAZIA. So from day one when this magazine was launched in the UK, I have been a big fan. For me seeing the catwalk hosted by them was going to be a huge sign and reflection of what will be the set trends for all those Dutch women to embrace. So I had high expectations from such an influential magazine and it is up to GRAZIA Netherlands to guide the way Dutch women should present themselves on the streets of Holland.

Marga Weimans – Would Dutch Women Wear This On Their Bikes?

Why can many women in Holland only be seen in trousers, it all is down to “Bike Practicality”. Dutch women love to wear practical clothes as they use their bikes often. This bike practical thing is hard to break through, but chances are appearing slowly. There are more than 13 million bikes in Holland. With a population of approximately 16.5 million, this is almost one bike per person.

I absolutely adored the presentation, the colours and the way the models looked.  The skirts made of paper were just bliss. I did talk to the company who supplied the cardboard and it was certainly creative. I loved the leather dress that was worn especially on one of the famous Dutch actresses.

I’ve been to many catwalks to know that most of the time it’s all about showcasing a wow factor. Catwalk collections most of the time will never be seen or used on any high streets let alone on a woman riding her bike. I truly hope the Dutch ladies will be inspired by this collection to at least embrace all things that empower women to be. I want women to be fashion fabulous and as girlie as they can be, even on their bikes. Would I wear this collection of colours on my bike let alone my scooter with high heels? Yes, of course, I would, but hey I’m Italian after all.