I’ve been wearing the colour red from the moment I could dress myself. This colour,  illustrates my personality and philosophy of life. EMBRACE LIFE WITH PASSION.

When I wear a red dress the street power of my presence is like a traffic light to a car. The looks, comments and expression are just drop red gorgeously invigorating. When I want to make a first impression, it’s that red outfit that does the job. The power of a red suit for an interview or in a red hot debate is the power of a match to a fire. If I have to confront difficult people and issues the state of my mind is the state of my outfit. YES RED. My red handbags always gets noticed and a great ice breaker. If I feel sad, mad or even drab, I ditch the black and choose red instead.

What Colour To Wear On A Date

The all time silver screen classics super stars, one way or another have always made a dramatic entrance by wearing glamour red. It’s a colour for you to make your grand entrance you become the love interest – no exceptions.

If someone is taking you out for an evening of luxury, you need to be wearing a red dress. It’s only polite.

Like a match to a flame, red should be your aim.