How do you get a unique following and likes at a fashion event?  I approach men because I own

Whilst at Marks and Spencer presentation at London Collections Men in January 2014. I spotted David Gandy. I have done many interviews with David who is a famous male model.

Social Media Marketing is how MenStyleFashion grows its Facebook likes. By taking our own images of influences in fashion.

I am an ESFP personality type. Which means I am always focusing on growing my brands.

Here is another brand I grew with Sports stars to grow my brands. Men love sports and are influenced by what they wear and how they cut their hair.

How Tall David Gandy?

I focused on David’s height because young men like to know what it takes to be a male model.  And are inspired by other successful male models within fashion.

As a male model for fashion height is important. How tall is David Gandy and what is his body type like?

The video below gives you an example of how tall David is.

Taking Shoe Images

Men love shoes and on this occasion, I wanted to take a shot of David’s shoes for MenStyleFashion to grow our social media.


Photography Trends

I created a trend to not ask men to pose.

Maria Scard understands when I approach men to just start taking lifestyle shots as she sees it.

One of our strategies is to take shots of men in action. Get them looking more relaxed and not posing.



It’s important to always understand when the time is right to take shots.


I have been very successful in growing MenStyleFashion over the years. In 2020 my brand has exceeded all expectations. My top tip is to gravitate to men that is relevant to your blog. Don’t be afraid to ask or interview them to get your own unique content.