Whilst at Marks and Spencer presentation at London Collections Men last month, I spotted David Gandy and his mate called Joe.  Social Media Marketing is how MenStyleFashion  grows its facebook likes. The image of shoes are very strong for men.

I always like to be the woman that keeps David on his toes and thinking. What on earth is she up to now? So why would I choose to ignore that gorgeous Gandy face and take an unexpected shot of his shoes? It comes to no surprise that 2016 David Gandy has his own collection of shoes.

You see with me, you always have to expect the unexpected. That is how I will continue to grow my brands.

Maria Scard Photographer Takes The Unexpected Shots

I always say to Maria when you spot Gandy and me together, please get shots that the world has never seen before. Thanks Maria Scard for always being on the ball when Gracie Opulanza is in action, whilst  continuing to grow my epic brand called menstylefashion.com