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My Shoe Collection

It occurred to me how many boots and shoes I own. I know that anyone would agree with me that what you wear on your feet certainly tells the world who you are as a person. So here are some of my following shoes I wish I could own. Not to mention the ones I’ve given away over the years, I’ve lost count. Some I’ve bought this year and some I’ve purchased many years ago in which I simply can’t part with. Now I had a back problem a couple years back and I was bed ridden for a few months. So I need to take care of my posture and back. But you know as humans we just can’t deny our God given shoe instinct. Yes women and shoes are just genetic.

Why I Buy Shoes?

Ever wondered how much we spend on a shoes in a life time?

For me if I am not happy with how I look or if I put on weight I buy shoes. It makes me feel good for a short while. I want to buy something for no apparent reason. Yes I struggle with this all the time. What I buy to what I need is something I am trying to deal with more and more. STOP and ask your self. How many shoes do I own that I never wear or hardly wear at all.

I go for shoes as they are timeless. Are they really timeless?  Now there lies the problem. I am a sucker for shoes hence just want more and more. I just want to buy them on an impulsive feel good factor. This is never a good time to buy a pair of shoes. Because it never deals with the deeper issue. WHAT THE HELL IS MY ISSUE WITH SHOES? I never buy shoes ever at full price. For me that’s the issue. I buy shoes on sale to save money. The on sale obsessions I have and still have is where I feel I don’t save money in the long run at all.

Gracie Opulanza is never in Vogue She is Ahead of it

Ever thought those shoes on sale are there for a reason. It’s because no one else want’s them. They were over priced in the first place. They were never in vogue, not a trend setting shoe at all. This is perfect for me as I am never in vogue, I am always ahead of it or most of the time behind it. It’s not about the trends, it’s just I can’t help myself. I even pray when I go out to the shops not to don’t buy a pair. Before you know it I’ve bought a new pair.

Expert shoe designer Tracey Neuls explains why woman love shoes?

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Gracie the Girl and her Boots & Brogues

These are always in vogue, they feel and look great. They go with nearly everything. The leather ones are the best can be worn any-time any where any season. I can run in them, I can walk in them for hours. They are fine for my back. They make me feel for that given moment super powerful. I always travel with them because as you know those high heels are a killer on every level. What I mean is, painful to walk in, financially a burden and a sucker for any man watching.

Maria Scard - Shoes worn in Dubai 2015 Gracie Opulanza (1) Maria Scard - Shoes worn in Dubai 2015 Gracie Opulanza (2) Maria Scard - Shoes worn in Dubai 2015 Gracie Opulanza (3)

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Dr Martin Brogues


Christian Louboutin - Red sole shoes


Christian Louboutin - Red sole shoes


Christian Louboutin - Red sole shoes