Cadbury chocolate wrappers - London Fashion Week

Cadbury Dress

How does one stand out at London Fashion Week. When it’s one big fashion catwalk in and out side the arena. How does a designer get its work noticed. It’s a cut throat industry that will lure you into a fantasy. But if you market yourself in an innovative way then just like chocolate, you ‘ll be coming back for more and more. So whilst sitting in my office watching the tweets go by, form a far distance over many thousands of miles. This dress caught, my attention, a dress made of Cadbury Dairy Milk Wrappers! Wow am I loving this concept. The shear skill and work gone into this goes to show that character of the designer. Wow what skill to produce such a fabulous dress.

When I dress I always have food culture in mind. You can never separate the two. Because we are always wanting food and when in public you can’t eat naked. And more so a dress and chocolate is a girls best friend.

Wisely so, on the day they handed out miniature chocolates to passer-bys. Well this makes perfect sense. How on earth would the dress ever have got made? There for I agree with the designer.

Owner and Designer for the label, Terri-Leigh Finnegan said “the combination of fashion and food has always been a curiosity of mine, and I love experimenting with new materials.”

The Dress

London Fashion Week has of course been absolutely insane and as I was dashing between shows on Monday (day 4), I had to double take at what I could see in the centre of the Somerset house courtyard. A dress made of Cadbury Dairy Milk Wrappers! (There was a model inside it of course) Amongst the crowd of fashionistas, posing in their all black ensembles and ‘serious’ expressions, this bright purple 60’s style dress really caught mine and every other photographer/blogger in the courtyard’s eye.

After catching up with the model and the designer that came along too, I found out that not only is it made of 1,000 Cadbury Dairy Milk wrappers, but the dress had a matching Cadbury chocolate bag – perfect to nibble on during those long fashion week queues! Funnily, after writing my post on ‘London Designers – Britains next top Fashion Designers’ and mentioning the emerging fashion label ‘Why So Serious’, it just so happened to be one of their pieces.The dress created a real buzz around the courtyard as it incorporated both the Autumn/Winter 13 colour trend and the Spring/Summer 14 Boxy 60’s trend.

I can truly say, that at my next big event, if any one want’s make me a dress like this. The please do so. Ferrero Rocher is my choice of wrapper fabric.

Cadbury chocolate wrappers - London Fashion Week

Cadbury chocolate wrappers - London Fashion Week