Prada is a luxury brand that creates stylish and iconic sunglasses. Read more about some of Prada’s most iconic sunglasses here.

In 1999, Prada eyewear was formed and the sunglasses and eyeglasses became an overnight hit among consumers. They knew that eyewear was a timeless appeal.

Fashion is a risky business.

I know is that accessories are a friend to older women.”

Prada Minimal

MINIMAL BAROQUE gives new life to the flowers and foliage motifs that grew wild in the Baroque period: one of art history’s most exuberant eras. Stylized plant life —acanthus leaves, laurel branches, palm fronds are abstracted into scrolling garlands that bud and branch into the defining curve of elegantly exaggerated sunglasses.

Prada Baroque Limited Edition made In Italy

2021, edition! Always has a white Prada box. The main stream range come in a black Prada oversized box.

red Prada Baroque Limited Edition made In Italy

Red frame with gold metal around it. And

In this video, I am wearing Miu Miu sunglasses that I converted into clear lenses. Mui Mui is a sister brand of Prada.


Muccia had fantastic role models one being her mum Luisa, her own daughter who ran Prada for close to 20 years. She was the granddaughter of Mario one of the brothers who started Prada in 1913 with his other brother Martino Prada. Mario’s son had no interest in taking over the fashion house. Prada’s popularity skyrocketed and brands like Gucci, French couturier Christian Dior in Paris and Gabbana had to up their game.

It is important to highlight that Miuccia was a business manager, that understood that Prada as a fashion house Needed to always be revolutionary. She was the bags lady for upscale boutiques and department stores around the world. Thanks to her leather goods and leather handbags designer slash husband, Patrizio Bertelli.  Prada lead in accessories. The first Florence shop opened in 1978.

Prada Sunglasses Maketh Gracie Opulanza

These Italian brand sunglasses are only available in select high-end retailers. This is fantastic as Prada sunglasses are always in limited supply.

In 2011 I discovered Iris Apfel and loved her oversize round frames.  I was on the hunt for a replica pair. Unbeknownst to me, the brand Gracie Opulanza was just about to be created thanks to Prada.

Iris Apfel

Prada’s Minimal Baroque Sunglasses

These Prada’s tortoiseshell acetate by Prada’s Minimal Baroque Sunglasses were just launched in 2011. The original gradient lenses with 100% UV protection Cons was at the time a limited edition. But I decided to convert it to clear lenses, like Iris. The authenticity of what I did with this luxury brand’s original frames is why these frames are my masterpiece in launching Gracie Opulanza in 2011.

Prada's Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Gracie Opulanza 2011

I am wearing a Prada 2013 wool jacket. My eyewear featured an oversized front with scroll temples. I was the first woman in the world to buy Prada’s Minimal Baroque Sunglasses and convert them to clear lenses. The distinguished by its rococo stems gave it this romantic style. Celebrities and trendsetters like me have made this sunglass a staple piece in their sunglass and eyewear collection.

Samuel L Jackson loved oversized eyewear.

Prada's Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Samuel L Jackson 2014 One For the boys charity

Prada Baroque Sunglasses are ranked one of the most iconic sunglasses of all time by ELLE magazine. This style was designed by Muccia Prada herself and is critically acclaimed for its innovative design and classic shape.

Me wearing Prada’s Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Samuel reviewing the Bentley GT in 2015.

Prada's Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Gracie Opulanza 2011 2015 Bentley GT

At the time no one could ever compete against, Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Arguably the most iconic of shades, the wayfarer emerged as a beacon of Hollywood glamour in the 1950s.

Prada Raw Sunglasses

Prada Raw Sunglasses made proudly out of selected natural woods. They are extremely special. This is because it is the happy result of an unprecedented combination of contemporary design and brand new materials never been used before. Me wearing Prada Raw sunglasses whilst reviewing the biggest SUV in the world, the Rolls Royce Cullinan. I could sell these over and over they are well-loved by all.

Raw Prada Sunglasses made out of wood

The Prada Baroque sunglasses are unique with floral motifs. This is reminiscent of the gone but not forgotten exuberant era. The Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses is a must-have for any spirited rococo occasion! Pros And Cons Of The Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses Pros were available in three models, with a variety of different colourways Sturdy and durable acetate material Gradient lenses with 100% UV protection Cons Limited edition.

Prada’s Iconic Plastic Sunglasses

This is a square-framed imported design that offers hallmark Prada styling. The understated style is what has become synonymous with Prada sunglasses. The frames are black and the lenses are grey polarized gradient lenses made of polycarbonate. These sunglasses are the perfect combination of form and function,


I like how small boutiques offer a lovely eyewear buying experience when it comes to Prada. The house of Prada does this to appeal to trend setters. Prada Milan sunglasses are some of the most coveted accessories for both men and women and renowned Italian manufacturers, Luxottica has taken over. They are experts for scouting what is new for luxury brands regarding distinctive looks.

Prada’s Butterfly Sunglasses

If you are seeking something new for your shopping bag then Prada’s butterfly sunglasses will give Carrera a rin for their money.

Prada's Striped Sunglasses

Prada’s Square Sunglasses

You can never go wrong with a devil wear’s Prada square sunglasses. Set the moody tone for your next firing at work moment.

Prada's Striped Sunglasses

Prada Journal Sunglasses

The Prada Journal Sunglasses has lovely refined details on its rim. This pair of sunglasses was born out of a collaboration with Giangiacomo Editore and Luxottica. This collection aims to invite eyewear enthusiasts to reflect on the inner landscapes of one’s world.

Prada Journal

Prada Cat-eye Sunglasses

If you are seeking a 1950’s vintage look then the cat-eye is for you. To understand what shapes suit your face, check out my vintage-inspired eyewear article.

Prada cat eye sunglasses

Prada’s Mirrored Sunglasses

For a summer destination then opt for the mirrored sunglasses. A nice reflection of a cocktail drink looks great on your eyewear. And keep the uv rays protection for your eyes.

Prada's Mirrored Sunglasses (1)

Prada’s Perspex Sunglasses

Prada's Perspex Sunglasses

Prada Linea Rossa  Sunglasses

The Linea Rossa is an iconic collection easily recognized by the red stripe and the Prada sunglasses brand logo.  The Linea Rossa comes in black, gold, red and blue coloured lenses, all are large lenses with anti-fog and scratch-proof coating. Perfect for sports and sailing with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team | 36th America’s Cup Luna Rossa.


Prada Linea Rossa  Sunglasses

Sportswear Infused Line

In recent years it made sense to brand out to sportswear infused line that includes unique ski-goggles and sporty sunglasses with unconventional frames and cutouts on the side. Be it surfing in Hawaii or snowboarding in the Alps, this pair of Prada sunglasses has got you covered.

ski prada sunglasses

ski Prada's Mirrored Sunglasses (1)