Linda Farrow - Gold eyewear Optica Toscana

Limited Edition Eyewear

It’s very clear that my marketing and branding of who I am is all about my quirky eyewear. I’m the woman that converts sunglasses to everyday eye-wear. Why do I do it? It’s all about creating a niche. My eyewear is who I am, loud, quirky, out there and impulsive. Glasses are so much fun to wear. It’s a fab way to create a new look.

Standing Out

Imagine having so many people going for the same job. Infact in Spain recently over 19,000 people went for 11 jobs at the Prado Museum in Madrid. So what does one do to get noticed. Make sure you don’t turn up wearing a boring wire-frames or a sedate pair of plastic frames. You want to be remembered for your specs and more so them asking you. Where are those glasses from?

Optica Toscana

I stumbled upon Optica Toscana a few days ago in Barcelona and I can tell you that the variety and limited edition of eye wear it has is spectacular. From geek chic, glasses to out right bonkers this is the store that will have everyone going gaga at your specs. There are limited editions that only two are ever made.There are many inexpensive options that you can also go for as well. Check out my favourites and you guessed it. Which one will should Gracie go for at her next big event? Help me choose. Number 1 – 8

Linda Farrow - Gold eyewear Optica Toscana sunglasses


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona  leopard frames


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona Opera wear


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona the collection


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona prescription


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona peacock frames


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona black cateyes


Optica Toscana Eyewear Barcelona glitter frames