I knew that the public needed to hear my story, about bullying in fashion since 2014.  Bullying in fashion has and will always be there. It is a cut-throat industry and one full of very insecure human beings. Fashion weeks creates such opportunities for people to misbehave when given the right opportunity. Or in my case the right force behind them.

British Fashion Council for whatever reason decided to bully me.

There is nothing opulent as a lifestyle event when this happens to anyone.

You have to be thick-skinned to handle such treatment. For me the moment I stepped into this scene, I was excited because it was an opportunity to express my personal sense of style. If there is one element of the fashion weeks that has had a fantastic positive impact. It has been me showcasing my style. Which has certainly turned heads over the fashion weeks.

However, lurking in the background was Goliath.

British Fashion Council Are Bullies

Since 2013, during fashion weeks with my own money and free press I have supported London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men. My positive press has assisted, designers to get the right exposure as an on-line digital influencer.  So how low would Goliath scoop, to continue to discredit my reputation.

Why would they do such a thing?

Your Hands Are Offense

Unbeknown, to me there was a pack forming against me personally, since 2014 representing my Goliath. So one cold winter’s afternoon, during London Collections: Men 2015. I was pulled aside on my own, by a female representative, who clearly highlighted she was speaking on behalf of my Goliath.  Patronizing was an understatement. I felt like a small girl in the headmasters room.

I will never ever forget those words one of many I must add. When she said, that Goliath was in the processing of banning me for life attending LC:M. She then went on to say, one of the reasons were.

We find your hands offence when you talk.


This is bullying and was said to my face from a British Fashion Council staff member.

I burst into tears. She just went on to take advantage of my vulnerability and explained that Goliath felt that the fashion weeks were not where I belonged. And that I should pursue other avenues. I was now shocked, sobbing and could not speak. She went onto say that, designers & PR’s did not want me here.

You Jump On Catwalks

Just to give you an idea, a catwalk can cost up to £250,000. So if anyone was to jump on a catwalk, then I am 100% convinced the world would of heard about it. So when, she explained to me that one of the reasons the PR’s and Goliath were complaining, is that I actually more than once jumped on catwalks during shows. At this point, I was gobbed smacked. I have asked Goliath, to send footage of me jumping on catwalks in November 2015.  I am still waiting, for them to send the footage, almost one year on. Let’s make it very clear. I DON’T JUMP ON CATWALKS.

She then explained, Goliath had asked me to be removed from their premises for the day. In front of PR’s, security and anyone watching, she escorted me out.

Escorted Again By Goliath

The next morning, I was to attend another invited event. To only be greeted within the premises by security. Who asked me what I was doing here? I explained I had been invited to some presentations. He said, that Goliath has asked me to be removed from the premises and to never ever return. I will never forget the faces of the staff representing this Goliath. Bullies, are always in a pack and so powerful when they are together. Once again I was on my own.

To be fair on the security guy, who escorted me out.  He looked confused, embarrassed and apologized for what he had to do. He was a man in his fifties and complimented me on my look and said, Gracie let’s walkout together as if we are friends. Outside, he shook my hand and said sorry.

You see the right people, understand injustice, bullying and misuse of power. There was nothing he could do but act under the instruction of Goliath himself.

Good thing my makeup looked good that day.

Vengeance Is God

I walked off crying, because of his kindness and it also confirmed that Goliath, would always attack me when I was on my own. I left, LC:M Jan 2015, very upset, confused and angry because I had no idea why this Goliath.  Like a lamb to the slaughter, set out to destroy my reputation. Just like David versus Goliath.

I knew this was very serious and I had to act upon this in a very strategic way. This was going to take a lot of time, research and courage.

Nelson Mandela

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
 It always seems impossible until it’s done.