In July I met up with Monique Collignon you can read and listen to her interview here.  Monique gave me this suit because I loved it when I saw it on the runway. Monique gave me this plastic suit to bring awareness to her conscious collection. To make my followers understand her message about saving the planet, regarding massive excessive waste within the world of fabrics and design in fashion.


Mont Blanc Awards September 2016

Whilst in London I met Mihaela, you can read about who she is here.  I wore it once and then I decided to give it away to Mihaela. The simple reason is both designers are supporting recyclable fashion for the greater cause which is our environment. It would be a huge contradiction for me to support such designers and then just keep the plastic suit in my wardrobe.

monique-collignon-mihaela-markovic-gracie-opulanza-marketing-100-plastic-suit-1-jpg-white monique-collignon-mihaela-markovic-gracie-opulanza-marketing-100-plastic-suit-1

That Plastic Suit

In such a saturated market regarding fashion. I am pioneering new ideas for brands to get noticed in my digital luxury world. The only way I see it, is by gifting to other designers who share the same vision and passion for fashion and the environment. Is the right way to get a good honest message out there. The two M designers, Monique & Mihaela understand what it takes to create collections that other people want to buy into.

This plastic suit looks and feels amazing.  As you can see, any woman of any age can rock this conscious plastic suit. That is both friendly to a size 38 figure or smaller and our environment.

monique-collignon-mihaela-markovic-gracie-opulanza-marketing-100-plastic-suit-3 monique-collignon-mihaela-markovic-gracie-opulanza-marketing-100-plastic-suit-2 monique-collignon-mihaela-markovic-gracie-opulanza-marketing-100-plastic-suit-7