It has been three years since coming to London Fashion Week. I have to say, it has been very disappointing so far. In fact I walked out of a catwalk this week it was so bad. I guess that is where the market is at, designer showcasing collections that  have no soul . It seems there is no care, what is on the runway. My mission this week was to scout as I do up and coming talent, that clearly have a passion to showcase, handcrafted skills. I met Mihaela Markovic, the Croat’s version of Marilyn Monroe. What instantly caught my eye, was her gentle passion and story about the preservation craftsmanship. It was her childhood up bringing, instilled by her father, known for making flags during a very unsettling time in Croatia.


Flags For Croatia

I adore these stories, in where skilled labour can turn into a powerful message. It was learning and observing the art of weaving through her father. That she discovered her destiny in the world of weaving. When you’re in a country that is in turmoil then you learn the art of fighting against the throwaway culture. Using principles of zero waste while creating such geometric patterns cutting seamless knitting. There are machines involved here but then adorned with traditional hand embroideries making unique products. Over time just like good wine this fabric matures and becomes better and better. In my world of affordable luxury, I like to showcase new innovative edgy fabrics, that represent me. This week I combined, the lifestyle message showcasing designers that I believe understand the importance of craftsmanship and why we need to preserve it but use platforms like I have to get it out there to an on-line market.


Mihaela, describes in her own words,  “The Harvey Dent Shirt is a bit crazy, it’s like a dual personality shirt, eternally rigid denim on one side and the gummy uncontrollable knit on the other”.  It was the perfect combination to use both for the review for 124 Spider FIAT and suited my personality to a T.

fiat124-spider-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-car-review-46 fiat124-spider-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-car-review-41 fiat124-spider-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-car-review-49 fiat124-spider-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-car-review-7

Denim Meets Knitwear

Denim has taken so many forms today. I instantly fell in love with this fabulous piece. Loved the mixing both, denim shirt and combining it with this gorgeous knitwear. The fabric feels like silk and just looks amazing. I am not a fan of this particular style. But just like wine I too mature with age and more so than ever like to try new fabrics. So welcome to the Looking Glass an alternative message.


Post journey we shall realize there is never only one answer to anything.

mihaela-markovic-weaver-knitwear-croatia-looking-glass-collection-5 mihaela-markovic-weaver-knitwear-croatia-looking-glass-collection-4