The Most Luxurious Leather Luggage, For My Most Luxurious World Travelers

Traveling can be stressful. But there’s no reason it has to be unattractive. However, thanks to some extraordinary designs on the market, both style and function are accessible. Whether you’re off to the London Fashion Week, to ski the Alps, or a quick weekend to somewhere as of yet undisclosed, here are my favorite, tried and true, leather travel bags. Yes Gracie loves to travel in style.

Mulberry’s Oversized Bayswater is the larger version of Mulberry’s classic Bayswater Holdalls. The brushed leather is a familiar feature of the bag and underscores its quality. The belted sides are adjustable, allowing those of us who stuff, room for a weekend getaway.

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Mulberry Bayswater

Romanza Collection

Another favourite is the durable and luxurious leather weekender bag, the “Active,” weekend bag from the Romanza collection by MARK / GIUSTI. Like a best friend, this bag is completely reliable and may be an even better companion than the person you are traveling with. The bag is divided into two large compartments and the interior can organize even the most unorganized. No fumbling for keys or dropping of lipsticks while trying to locate your plane ticket. The first compartment has two straps to hold precious belongings in place, as well as two pockets, and a zip. The second compartment has even more room for extra clothing and a matching shoe cover—Gracie needs more than one pair of shoes – plus an interior zip for smaller, more delicate items. This bag is complete with a detachable shoulder strap and can be worn over the shoulder or in the crook of one’s arm. In yellow or navy, this weekender suits virtually anyone, male or female, business trip or pleasure.

Mark Giusti Romanza - Active Weekend Bag

Mark Giusti Romanza – Active Weekend Bag

For those of us who have the uncanny ability to pack lightly, Bottega Veneta’s Intreccio Tote is a delight. Designed for endurance, it has both a cotton lining and a large internal zip pocket. But what about the extra pair of… you see the problem.

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Bottega Veneta – Intreccio Tote

For both men and women the Balenciaga Classic Voyage Arena tote works well. The soft leather ensures both luxury and leaves plenty of room, albeit without a system for ordering the contents. Complete with Balenciaga’s signature hardware and available in a variety of colors these bags are beautiful to behold.

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Balenciaga Classic Voyage Arena

Drop everything, be spontaneous and take that trip, if for no other reason than to allow yourself an opportunity to try out one of these fabulous luxury leather travel bags. Whether it is Mulberry’s Bayswater, Mark/Giusti’s Active Weekender, Botegga Veneta’s Intreccio, or Balenciaga’s Arena tote, you are guaranteed first-class travel all the way.

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