Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan is a fashion illustrator originally from Wakefield, Yorkshire. She is at the mere age of 17 but has lots of experience already within the fashion industry. Currently studying at London College of Fashion, she is growing herself as a brand MRSCM Illustration with her illustrations being seen on various platforms! Megan focuses her work via her own emotional feeling and expresses this with a vivid colour palette which is sketchily put together using a variety of media! Here is my Interview with Megan.

Who Are You And What Do You Do?

I’m Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan, a fashion illustrator and I am currently studying at London College of Fashion specialising in Fashion illustration.

How Has Your Day Been Whilst Illustrating Gracie?

Today has been ultimately fantastic, illustrating Gracie who is a vibrant character and a ball of warm energy! She has an amazing style with those brilliant eyelashes (go Zoe Della Rocca) so illustrating Gracie has been a pleasure! I love these kinds of commissions as it really gives you a chance to get a feel for the character you are illustrating!

Not forgetting how wonderful Ben Adams‘ design was for Gracie! Pro make up academy is to thank for this wonderful opportunity, Martina from pro makeup academy seems to dig out potential in you giving you a great feel of confidence and professionalism for what you do! Sat in the rooftop bar of ME Hotel London keeping warm in my Karl Donoghue cowl scarf was an absolute pleasure, especially as it included meeting some wonderful models, designers, photographers and generally ace people! And seeing the wonderful team from Vivid fashion group! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

What Inspires You To Work In Fashion?

The emotional response I have to fashion is something that really inspires my work. I love the fast pase of fashion that always keeps you busy. I think it keeps you genuine as well. You never will have time to create something that isn’t you and something that hasn’t come emotionally from your response to the fashion image.

Who Have You Worked For?

The list is long….Karl Donoghue, Nicole Manier Couture and Isabell Yalda Hellysaz are just a few of them! I have worked at various events as wel,l heading a LFW show last year for Harley Smith and many events with the brilliant Vivid fashion group!

Why Is Illustration Important?

It’s where fashion started, fashion illustration was around and ruled before photography was even invented. It’s a creative art form that was going to die out if the interest didn’t reappear. Due to the interest coming back in the homemade/handmade sector, fashion illustration is at the top of its game! It’s keeping the art form around and giving something not so literal as a photograph but as an interpretation of the fashion ideas. Giving a more creative/interpretive reaction and more interesting promotional images etc.

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