Txell Miras started presenting her collections in Barcelona in 2003. Around that same time, she began collaboration in Milan with Neil Barret´s woman’s clothing line of, a designer who, after creating Prada for Men, founded his own label which know enjoys international prestige. Between Milán and Barcelona, this 32 year old Catalan combines energy, effort and talent to develop her own collections and work with this well-known creator.

After postponing her studies for a year to do ballet, Txell finally decided to concentrate in completing the degree in Fine Arts. There, she developed her passion for the human body’s form and movement and was fascinated by conceptual art. After graduating, she thought of a professional path that would allow her to exploit her two passions: form an concept. She made several graphic exhibitions but at the end decided to get involved in the fashion world. She enrolled at the Llotja in Barcelona and won a contest to study a Masters degree at the prestigious Domus Academy in Milán. Txell Miras has presented all her collections in Barcelona and in 2005 received the Lancôme award as the best young fashion designer of the Gaudí runway.

Always influenced by art, the clothe she designs have architectonic forms, blunt cuts and a strong visual intensity of plain colours: blacks, greys and whites. All her collections intend to transmit an intellectual concept and to achieve this, she is constantly searching for inspiration in art, literature, music and cinema, with references to Duchamp, Faulkner, Kafka, Dostoievski, Bergman, … Complementing it with fashion, Txell Miras develops an intense activity in graphic art, installations and short films where she reflects her subtly unnerving and enigmatic language.

This collection is Gracie Opulanza all over.



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