Should you wait in line or just buy online? More than a few sneakerheads have been disappointed this holiday season. Learn what to do if you have a shortage.”

Did you know that over  75% of Nike shoes are made in Vietnam and Indonesia?

jordan purple trainer Venice 2021

Is a shoe shortage from Nike footwear a real problem in a world where we hardly can’t leave our front door? Nike has not got its feet firmly on the ground when it comes to a shortfall of workers in Asia.  So thanks to the supply chain and covid 19 your movement of products such as sneakers will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.

Nike Air Force 1

Shipping Time & Cost

Talking to my friends who are always waiting for large shipments from Asia. Have confirmed the price hike of getting any goods into Europe. The time can be as long as up to three months to get it across the waters. On average it took 40days from Asia to America but now it takes 80 days.

It all comes down to port and rail congestion and labour shortages.

Other shoe brands like Aldi SpecialBuy products have been delayed, the collection consists of 50 different products. Ranging from homeware, gym equipment, baby products can take an extra 18days to be delivered.

The lack of shipping containers from Asia and the ongoing HGV driver shortage has shown how as a society in business we simply have not paid these people enough.

nike Airforce 1

Hold On To Your Vintage Nikes

If you can I would wait until things settle which will be at least in 2022. Do you really need another pair of new Nikes?

Ho Chi Minh City

I have reviewed many hotels around Saigon and it’s a fabulous city to explore. I have also visited Nike’s suppliers. So thanks to a shortage of weeks of production and factory shutdowns. This is going to be the year of consumer demand for footwear factories to rethink supply chain congestion. I know that in Romania they make shoes. So could Nike talk to local governments about creating shoes closer to Europe?

Do We Need More Nike’s In Our Wardrobes

Christmas is coming and it’s prompting consumer prices of Nike’s imports. But has covid-19 not taught us that less is more. How many Nike shoes does one need in a lifetime let alone each season.

This sportswear giant has a massive influence on our street style image. If you are seeking air Jordan for Christmas you may want to consider other global brands. This could be the time to ditch the Jordan brand and go for no brand shoe companies. Like the Go Red Hiking Boot.

Waiting Is Fun

What is wrong with waiting for sportswear giant Nike shoes for next spring. If US ports are struggling to move goods. Is this not the time to rethink your wardrobe and be more sustainable?

Upcycle Your Nike

In Bangkok, I saw Nike shoes being upcycled to give a new lease of life. So don’t forget to go to a shoemaker or repair. And see if they can repair your old air jordans.  Great way to bring back life into your vintage wardrobe, like Gucci is right now called Vault. Or add new accessories to your existing Nike if you are bored with them. Especially if you are in lockdown.