Heels are back. How high is too high for this summer? Designer Jessica Rich, the celeb-favourite shoe designer, has the perfect array of spicy summertime shoes for this season.
This is the time for colour and lots of it (and shoes are no exception). Jessica Rich was formerly known for being the neutral queen, but things are changing this season.
Although the classics (like gold, white, silver, and black) are still available to shop, Jessica Rich now offers stilettos, mules and heeled sandals
in many colours! Shoes fit to make a statement, add a pop of color, and instigate the “main character moment”,
Jessica Rich’s designs are the it girl shoes of the summer.
Jessica Rich- The It Girl Heels For Summer

Who Is Wearing The Heels?

What do icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Megan Fox, Ciara, Heidi Klum, Saweetie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Joan Smalls, Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians all have in common?
These super high heels can be worn at weddings, grabbing a cocktail or out and about in a five-star resort. They are heels not made for walking. It is all about pedicure fashion and walking your own very red carpet runway. In America, it is all about supporting, Black-owned brands. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur projects a lifestyle of glamour and success by networking and building a loyal brand for quality niche shoes.
They love and wear Jessica Rich. These Jessica Rich icon looks are available to shop at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, DSW, Fred Segal, and the Jessica Rich website.