Would you trade your partner for James Bond? Which James Bond would you sleep with? What would your book bond script be when sleeping with majesty’s secret service? licence to kill secret service, James? If you had power over the film franchise, as Miss Money Penny? What would your sex scene with Bond look like?

Licence to kill secret service with James Bond is all about the body, fragrance, hairstyles, fashion and trunks.

Here are my fantasy top tips on how to take your sex life on an Adventure with James Bond.

Welcome to your licence to thrill sexual encounter moments with James Bond. James Bond’s is an object of fascination.

If you think adventures in sex mean spending a lot of money, think again. Here’s how you can put together a full-service adventure in sex.

James Bond The Sexual Fantasy

Why do we love James Bond? James Bond movies historically when it comes to us females are all about sexual fantasy. We love to see men almost dying, being tortured and being the hero. Driving fast cars and jumping off buildings. For us women we love to see men as we know them best, tonk and strong in mind. Bad arse attitude has always a been alluring to us ladies.

You can read about the actors here for James Bond over the years.

Daniel Craig, last night, No Time To Die! Loving his pink velvet tuxedo.


Which Bond Would You Sleep With?

Roger Moore was that classic looking sex bomb. Sean Connery voice did it for me, in Gold Finger. Pierce Brosnan in Die another day hairy chest got my heart pumping. But I never forget when Daniel Craig came into the screen in Skyfall and the blue underwear. A bond film such as Casino Royale was where Daniel Craig is so nurturing and that scene in Venice is why any woman would sleep with James Bond. Did we all not want to be Vesper Lynd (Eva Green ) when she kicked his perfectly formed arse attitude on the train ride.


Me reviewing hotel Palazzos in Venice.

Which Bond  Girl Would You Be When Sleeping With James?

James is a complex character and so are his women.

Fleming’s Bond girls have some individual traits (at least in their literary forms), they also have a great many characteristics in common. One of these is age: The typical Bond girl is in her early to mid-twenties, roughly ten years younger than Bond, who seems to be perennially in his mid-thirties.

Examples include Solitaire (25), Tatiana Romanova (24), Vivienne “Viv” Michel (23), and Kissy Suzuki (23). The youngest Bond girl (though she and Bond do not sleep together) may be Gala Brand; she is named for the cruiser in which her father is serving at the time of her birth.

Bond’s youngest sexual partner in the books is Mariko Ichiban, an 18-year-old masseuse in You Only Live Twice. The eldest Bond girls are Pussy Galore, who Bond speculates is in her early 30s and 29-year-old Domino Vitali.  Bond girls conform to a fairly well-defined standard of beauty

Me reviewing the Aston Marton DB11 in the UK.Aston Martin DB11 No Time To Die James Bond

What Would You Wear When Sleeping With MI6

Keeping in mind Bond women possess splendid figures and tend to dress in a slightly masculine, assertive fashion, wear little jewellery and that in a masculine cut wide leather belts, and square-toed leather shoes. There is some variation in dress, though, Bond girls have made their initial appearances in evening wear, in bra and panties and on occasion, naked.

Would you trend an elegant royal image! Opt for an all-gold ensemble, like Kate Middleton last night?

Kate Middleton Gold dress James Bond No Time To Die red carpet 2021

Body Preparation Beauty Treatments

Taking a look at the Bond female beauty regime what would you look like for your sex scene with Bond. Most are white; they often sport light though noticeable suntans (although a few, such as Solitaire, Tatiana Romanova, and Pussy Galore, are not only tan less but remarkably pale.

Bond ladies generally use little or no makeup and no nail polish, also wearing their nails short. Their hair may be any colour, though they typically wear it in a natural or casual cut that falls heavily to their shoulders.

Eye Colour Contacts

Would you change the colour of your eyes and if so to what?

Their features, especially their eyes and mouths, are often widely spaced (e.g. Vesper Lynd, Gala Brand, Tiffany Case, Tatiana Romanova, Honey Ryder, Viv Michel, Mary Goodnight)

Triumph Of Female Empowerment!

As a modern Money Penny, what character would you choose? In 2021 the bond ladies will never be portrayed as they were in the 1950s. This gender-defining new role for any woman in the James Bond films has been a hot debate regarding, No Time To Die. Even to the point of will, Bond be female in the future Bond films?

In the past Moneypenny’s escalating challenges to Bond’s control as the triumph of female empowerment was displayed way back in 2015. Her response to Bonds feigned jealousy about her sex life underscores her search for pleasure outside Bond’s control:

“It’s called life, James. You should try it sometimes”, she quips in Spectre (2015) also directed by Mendes.

Moneypenny has been looking back at Bond with her own “eyes which cool and direct and quizzical”, since her literary debut in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale in 1953.

How Would You Like Bond To Dress Before You Undress Him?

How would you as bondwomen create your own James bond novels for sexual encounters? What would be your Golden Finger moments?

What is your particular bedroom style fantasy for Bond? Shall mi6 wear his tuxedo? Are you wanting to be ripping his shirt off in your sex plot moment with James Bond? If it was Timothy Dalton would he be wearing his dinner jacket?  Or would you like Daniel Craig on top of you, in his trunks?

For James Bond’s Signature Martini’s

What would be your seducing drink moment with Bond? How would your martini even look like? Whilst reviewing the Dukes Hotel Mayfair in central London. The writer for bond novels was Ian Fleming. He was best known for his James Bond series of spy novels. Even though, it was Ian Fleming’s birthplace of the famous “Shaken, not stirred” line. I was shocked to find out.

Martini’s are never to be shaken let alone stirred. Watch video and hear why.

Or would you choose another cocktail of your liking?

Hilton-Molino-Stucky-Venice-Flour-Factory-Preserving-Italian-History-26 (1)

Which Aston Martin Would You Turn Up In?

I have reviewed both Aston Martin DB11 and the latest SUV DBX. As a woman which one would you like to see yourself in when pulling up to encounter your sexual moments with James?

Gracie-Opulanza-Aston-Martin-DB11-MenStyleFashion-review-2020-2 (1)

Regarding what I would wear whilst drive an Aston Martin DB11?  It all comes down to leather and red boots.

Or would you opt for a classic Aston Martin?


Celebrating Marriage

I have been married for over twenty years so sex in any room has to be all about short stories. So my James fantasy bloke stems from Daniel Craig who is the best acting Bond of them all. Craig bulked up for the filming, and for the first time, James Bond’s body became an object of fascination. His emergence from the aquamarine sea, all muscle and swimming trunks.  It is where us ladies went weak at the knees and thought!

It’s time we slept with Daniel Craig.

Choose Your Swim Wear Well

I loved Ursula Andress and her white bikini from Dr. No, 44 years earlier. With my GO red hiking boots and maybe a whip or three. This is my truth, I certainly would be on top of James Bond.

To tonk or to bonk, it really comes down to your fantasy body type. 

I want Sean Connery’s accent, with Daniel Craig’s body and Timothy Dalton dreamy eyes. And I want my body to be shaken, stirred and pampered with diamonds.