How To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

The sell home fast market is buoyant in the UK at present, thanks to soaring demand and a genuine lack of housing supply. This discrepancy has created a sellers’ market, where home-owners are able to trigger bidding wars between potential buyers maximise the resale value in their homes. This window of opportunity is unlikely to last indefinitely, however, as more home-owners rush to market their homes as the level of value soars.

As the supply of housing inevitably increases alongside rising price points, you will need to ensure that your property is primed to compete in the market. Improving its curb appeal is central to this, so consider the following steps towards achieving this.

Enhance The Hardware Outside Of Your Home

Although this may sound strange, the term ‘hardware’ can be applied to describe anything that adorns the front of your home. From house numbers to entry door locksets and overhead light fittings, these fittings can become dated or faded over time, leaving the exterior of your property looking extremely tired. By refreshing or replacing these, you can embellish the curb appeal of your home without spending lavishly.


Infuse Colour And Fragrance To The Exterior Of Your Home

In terms of attracting a buyers’ attention, you have a limited amount of time to make a positive first impression. This means that it is imperative that you embellish the front exterior of your home, infusing colour and fragrance through a number of seasonal flowers. This will help your property to stand-out and impress potential buyers.


Remove Any Debris Or Clutter

This may sound obvious, but even a slightly unkempt or cluttered exterior can have a negative impact on your chances of selling a particular property. This is especially true if you live in a competitive, high-value area where there are a higher volume of properties on the market. By taking the time to clear and de-clutter your space, you can drive sell your home in a quick and profitable manner.



Create A Symmetrical Property Exterior

It is a proven scientific fact that symmetry is pleasing to the eye, whether we are looking at faces, images or architecturally fascinating structures. You can capitalise on this when marketing your home, simply by creating symmetrical compositions of light fixtures and front-door accents around your doorway. This is inviting and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure, while it is sure to appeal to buyers.


Install Outdoor Lighting

If you look at contemporary kitchen design trends, you will see that modern and diverse lighting is extremely popular. This includes traditional fittings and soft spot-lighting, which can be installed under kitchen units and within plinths. The same principle can be applied to your garden, as you supplement fixed accent lighting above the door with low-voltage landscape fittings and spot lights that run alongside the external path.