Ripley’s has destroyed a five million dollar dress and artwork. They should be sued alongside Kim Kardashian. The mystique and fragrance of Marilyn Monroe have all been ruined by a rich reality TV star who represents what Hollywood is all about. Money can buy you privilege. Talent no longer counts. What the hell was Ripley thinking? They have destroyed a historical piece of art and history.

What they did by allow Kim Kardashian to wear such a historical dress. Is like allowing an artist to alter a Picasso painting. It would and never should be done. You never mess with the artist at play. It is a disgrace to both the designer and actress.

Marylin Monroe’s famous lifestyle quote,

We are all-stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

Kim had no right or deserved to twinkle in Monroe’s dress.

In the world of fame, Hollywood and fashion. There is one taboo that should never be crossed. That is wearing a $5million dress that has the tears, sweat and soul of the very person it was created for.

The allure of Marylin Monroe was that she was one of a kind. No other woman in the world could ever replicate her. Her 6000 crystal-studded pale mesh fabric column dress, which she wore in 1962 to sing Happy Birthday to President John F Kennedy. Became an iconic moment in fashion history because it was Marylin who slept with the president. That is why the dress, was sold for $5million dollars many years later.

It was the mystique of her affair with President Kennedy that made it more appealing. That his mistress attended his birthday. How humiliating like so many, First Ladies like Clinton and Trump. Who knew of their husband’s infidelity had to make choices. To stand by their man or leave.

On this occasion, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy skipped her husband’s party to go horse riding. The message was loud and clear.

It was Marylin’s dress! Never to be worn by anyone, let alone Kim Kardashian who devalued it to zero. What the hell were Ripley’s thinking? 

Marylin was invited to the party because she slept with him. This 36-year-old Monroe had a voice of softness and husky tones that made her the sexiest woman alive at the time. The dress was part of that history in the making. She paid $1440 ( equal to $13,000 today )  Kim did nothing to deserve to be in that dress. Kim and Ripley’s destroyed a beautiful dress and artwork.

This dress has lost Marylin’s sweat on it. For me, the dress is worth nothing at all. The value and mystique of the dress have gone. It now has been worn by a woman who had no rightful place to wear it. Who can’t sing, act let alone sleep with a president?

How Did This Dress Become So Famous?

The dress was based on a sketch by Bob Mackie. He created dresses for Cher, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Judy Garland and Rita Hayworth. Now, this dress is worth nothing. It has no historical appeal anymore. Because another soul has stolen the show. Kim is not in the league of these women in Hollywood.

There was no reason that the dress should have been worn at the Met Gala ball. It had no rightful place or relevance to be there.  Today’s true talent is all about money. We value women like Kim on cash alone. Talent is a lost art.