Cara Delevingne

Adorable in every way. The new Kate Moss for both in looks and also in modelling behaviour. Cara Delevingne was the trendsetter for the first-ever selfie that social media now is obsessed with.

Cara is the queen for bringing back the bushy eyebrows is why we all noticed Cara. Now Cara at the Oscars 2023, trended a new set of assets, fake breasts.  At the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party  Cara Delevingne turned heads in a breathtaking white gown that highlighted her fake boobs. The natural lesbian stunner and her quirky personality is why she will always be the queen of reed carpet of fashion.

Kate and Cara are famous for their controversial private life, high-profile relationships, party lifestyle, and drug use. Stanford’s René Girard says.

“Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, anyone is happy to attract followers, but if they imitate too successfully, they soon become a threat to the very person they took as their model. No one likes to be beaten at their own game. Hence the contradictory message – Do as I do… just don’t outdo me!”

Cara and Media

Cara has the talent, but If the character is not ready for fame, fortune and money. Then it’s clear SHE IS DOOMED TO FAIL. Has Cara got the character to survive the fashion world? Who are her positive influences and so-called friends to guide her onto a healthier path? I’m not just talking about eating here.

When we read about Cara in the media. The message seems to be a running theme. Being drunk and what form of drugs she is taking. It seems to be highlighted as glamour and part of what being a supermodel is all about. I like this because actually, it’s showing the reality of what the industry can do to you in a bad way. Hence highlighting being a successful model is not that easy.

It s in our public exposure where our weaknesses and vulnerability are shown. That is where we become powerful.

A few years on Cara is back from a break and modelling in Paris. She has worked out in 2022 a lifestyle balance. And acting seems not to be her forte.

Isabelle Caro

Isabelle Caro is a sad story of a model who’s fame led to hear death. After she died, the man who photographed her for the Nolita add made some stunningly blunt comments.

“I don’t have happy memories of Isabelle,” said Oliviero Toscani. “She was very selfish and full of herself, right up to her death, imagining she was a successful model and actress when her only talent was to be anorexic.” You can read the full article here, why Isabelle Caro died.

Are models being looked after these days? We can also read about Linda Evangelista’s pressure of the nineties modelling career. And where that has got her now emotionally and physically.

Cara Delevingne - female model 2013 drug scandal

Drugs and alcohol are part of being a model, Kate Moss leads the image of that being a cool trend.  But another top nineties model called, Cindy Crawford knows the industry and it is why she cleverly manages her daughter, Kaia Jordan Gerber.

Cara Delevingne - female model 2013

When you are so young in the industry a girl will do anything to get modelling jobs and are very vulnerable including their mental state of mind. With social media pressure such as Tik Tok. the pressure is even bigger.

Cara Delevingne - female model 2013 - drug scandal

Cara Delevingne- female model 2013 met ball

Top Models For 2022

Cara seems to have taken a long break from modelling. So the leaders of the pack now are Bella and Gigi Hadid, alongside Kendell Jenner. For makeup, it is Kylie Jenner. A somewhat very limited image representative for women globally to be honest when it comes to Vogue models and luxury brands.

Modelling now thanks to influencers range not just on the runway anymore. Thank God for that. Social media like youtube and Instagram have given a balance to fashion. Which is bringing a more fair balance. Even women over fifty are being finally noticed such as Sharon Stone for Dolce Gabanna.

For a long time, Ashley Graham’s name for plus-size models. Fashion labels are forced to and that is thanks to the obesity increase in our world targeting overweight models.

Australians, Robyn Lawley and Kate Wasley and Tess Holliday, these women have millions of fans on social media and are appearing on the runway, red carpet and covers of magazines.  Plussize models are also slowly grabbing more of the spotlight to represent obesity and tackle fat shaming.

As we can see super anorexia modelling in 2023, is still the hit trend for fashion weeks and Fashio  Of Business endorse it too.