What Is The Blue Steel Appeal About?

David Gandy has chosen to start his own charity called the Blue Steel Appeal? Why do it? Why has it taken this long for  fashion labels worth billions, to take a more public role regarding raising money for charity. He too asks himself the same question. Would Mr Gandy donate every wardrobe possession of his own? All in the name of his own charity. How much money was raised at Comic Relief this year? Did Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham contribute?

Listen to the interview to find out why his charity is unique in the world of fashion.

Why Support A Charity

In my personal journey regarding charities, I’ve learnt it’s in the power of giving your time, expertise and gifts, that defines your character. It’s there where peoples heart breaking stories and struggles touch the very core of who you are. It’s in these encounters that you learn to be compassionate and understand how fragile life is.

I’ve been encouraged to share why supporting a charity is the best thing one can ever do for humanity. Imagine for one moment the very charity that you’ve supported financially, physically and emotionally is the very charity that would be helping you. When tragedies present themselves it’s how you handle the next step that will make or break you.

Possessions Versus Humanity

Over the course of six weeks this year, due to car crashes and a house fire, I’ve lost every materialistic possession. What took me years to build was gone in a heartbeat. The moral support alone that a charity gave me during this crazy time is why I am highlighting the point. GET INVOLVED.


David Gandy - Dolce & Gabbana London Collections:Men 2013

It’s the people around you, when hopelessness stares you right in the face that you begin to treasure the most.

Don’t think for a moment what you have to offer towards a charity is irrelevant because it is not. You never know how impactful you are until you volunteer your gifts and time. It’s hanging around these people that teaches you to focus on someone else and kick pride right in the face. I call these experiences humble beginnings.

Why The Name?

In life one must have a good sense of humour. What is the connection between this image and the name Blue Steel Appeal?

Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander


David Gandy  driving a three Wheeler Morgan


David Gandy - London Collections men morgan 3 wheeler