I have built two online brands over the last five years. MenStyleFashion is now ranked on-line number three globally. I am my own PR since the beginning and I depend on no one to get noticed on-line. I knew no one in the blogging or fashion industry. I created brands from scratch. I had to find my own niche to succeed as a female blogger in the fashion industry. From day one, my mission was very simple.

It’s not who you know in business but who knows you.

The internet is now flooded with so much content each day.  It is harder than ever to grow and sustain a blog with influence. So over the years, how have I created my own niche? How have I got noticed within the fashion and lifestyle industry?

 How do luxury fashion, car and lifestyle brands KNOW ME?

It's Not Who You Know In Business But Who Knows You

Working with Bentley

Fashion & Lifestyle Interviews

My first interview was way back in 2013 with David Gandy, who is one of the most successful male models in the world. Why did I choose to interview David and not just simply ask for a selfie? It’s very simple I wanted David to know who I am. No one was interviewing David at a fashion event like me.  This has been a very successful mission, over the years. After many interviews with him, still in 2017. I am known as the women who interviews David Gabdy at fashion events.

My interview style is how I have grown MenStyleFashion YouTube, since 2014. The most views come from me interviewing men. In moving forward I am known as the female voice for menswear. I am known for interviewing fashion designers at events.

Therefore this last coming year in the lifestyle section. I decided to continue my own trend.  Fashion PR’s and Lifestyle PR’s know me for interviewing at events.

Le Mans 24 – Ford & Serengeti Eyewear VIP Sponsorship.

How have I as a female in 2017 managed to get two brands to sponsor me into Le Mans 24 hour race? Since 2015 I  have been asked to review cars.  I am not a petrol head and therefore when asked to experience the car launches. I come under the section of lifestyle. Car companies who I have worked for such as Bentley, FIAT, Audi, Jaguar and Ford. Have noticed my niche style of interviews. Therefore copying the business model taken from fashion events and learned along the way. I am now known for interviewing, car designers, engineers and drivers.

For this reason, it’s why FORD and Serengeti Eyewear have asked me to use my social media platforms. To give a female perspective in sharing, the VIP Le Mans 24 experience. This is one of the oldest car racing events in the world. I have been told the tickets are like gold dust.

Next month, I promise you this. My questions will not be the standard ones of the past within Le Mans 24. This is what makes me unique and known for. It is how I am getting noticed more and more. For the simple reason, I am me and I choose to represent car brands in a way the world has not seen before.

The car brands are coming to me, they know me, they like my niche interviewing style.

Ford was my first ever car review way back in 2015. It is this picture, directed by me that Ford, noticed me.

It's Not Who You Know In Business But Who Knows You

It’s Not Who You Know In Business But Who Knows You

Continuing to sustain my influence on-line in 2017, is the biggest challenge to date. I have to continue to reinvent myself so I keep getting noticed.  I do not wait for PR’s to come to me. I do not wait for that special moment. Those special moments don’t come often. In this business, it’s the journey that I have to create to motivate myself and not give up. I create my own events using my platforms. I hunt for business and I depend on no one for that.

Don’t wait for business or PR’s to come to you as a blogger. You will not succeed.

My new business opportunities are created by me. Through my social media marketing platforms. I make sure I GET NOTICED. It’s never been about who I know within this blogging industry.

It’s always been about, WHO KNOWS ME.

It's Not Who You Know In Business But Who Knows You