Teenagers are evolving species seeking to be independent and yet when it comes to style ideas are dependent on the breadwinner. In the last six months, my daughter thanked me and my friends over fifty. is exploring with colours. She is fourteen and has finally ditched black and hoodies.

In the last three months, I have had access to amazing charity finds of high-quality fabrics and luxury brands. Minus the costs. I have been guiding my two teenage girls to look for quality classic items to play dress-up with. Here are my top tip in allowing and inspiring your teenagers to go through your wardrobe and wear, wear and wear.

Louis Vuitton

This green skirt by Zara can easy be worn by my girls. The wool white top too. The boots are way too big and I won’t allow to wear them. I took her to a vintage market to show high-end quality accessories and how much more fun it is to shop. Fast fashion is lazy fashion.

Louis Vuitton bucket vintage bag

She didn’t like the bucket bag but understood the Louis Vuitton vintage power of luxury goods. She bought these green corduroy trousers after watching me wear green for a year.

Colour At Fifty - Why Wear Patterns & Colour Coats Tuscany Gracie Opulanza 2022 (6)

My teenager fourteen-year-old has tried on some of these pieces.

The Savings

I am so happy my clothes are been worn again or in most cases when it comes to shoes worn at all. The cost of having teenagers ask for new clothing is immense. Therefore, allowing them to go through my wardrobe and try things on is saving and also a creative time for them to see where they are at regarding their self-esteem.

How To Inspire Teenagers To Wear Your Wardrobe

I have an amazing amount of unused shoes. So when it all came out of storage my girls had a field day. I sadly noticed the last ten years I was always opting for black items. An immense amount of shoes are new and still in the boxes. What is brilliant about this is my daughters are wearing top quality leather shoes. They mix and match brogues as they like. I guide them and don’t allow high heels. They can wear them inside the home. But I figure they are still growing and have plenty of time to wear them.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to allow you or your kids to wear expensive shoes or clothes. Just wear them.

pink spring cardigan teenager

She is wearing ASH boots I bought new and never wore. I asked her to try on pink and patterns. She hated it, but at least she tried. This did not happen for years. Working progress is all about starting dress-ups from the home,

Set Your Limits

There are some items I won’t allow my girl to wear. When an item looks way too old on my girls I explain that. Guide and teach them why I feel it’s way too ageing for them. Also, colours ask them if they feel it’s the right colour palette for them. I make sure there are no rules when it comes to trying clothes on. it’s all about having fun and feeling good in the process.

The new common word for kids is that they say they are depressed. I explain to them the power of choice of words. Not to follow  Tik Tok trends for the sake of it.

I have my own personality and never ever have followed fashion trends. My girls understand this. They know I am very quirky and out there.

Don’t project your wardrobe tastes onto teenagers. let them choose mix and math with their tiny corp tops and mini skirts.

How To Inspire Them To Wear Pink And Green

I love the colour of teenagers. But due to lack of self-esteem, confidence and the pressure of others. So I at least get them to try on many different colours. This green floral dress was adored by my teenage daughter who I have not seen the dress on in years. So when she chose it for a photo for her Dutch grandma. I was so happy and she was too.

Fashion - Should Mom And Teens Share Wardrobes

I bought this dress for me to wear. My daughter saw it and wore it herself. Demanded I don’t even touch it. I was so happy she is wearing a colour and a dress. I am all about mom’s wellness advisor.

I homeschool as part of creative arts, fashion is taught here in Italy.

Lead By Example

Make an effort to dress up and wear makeup. My daughters no my love for fashion and often don’t like what I wear. But they do love seeing me all dulled up. Ask them to guide you as a mum for fashion advice. Inclusive is the key for having fun.

Colour At Fifty - Why Wear Patterns & Colour Coats Tuscany Gracie Opulanza 2022 (12) pink

My girls think this is way too crazy and over the top. But they know that is their mum.

Red Hair

For the first time, I coloured my hair red. The girls did not expect such a dramatic change. It is important that my girls see me ever trying to look my best at fifty.

mustard and red hair Tuscany

This vegan bag made in Italy is often worn by my fourteen year old. She loves my mustard jacket but I love it and there are limits to what they can wear. Treasure your wardrobe as a mum this teaches them that some items belong to mom. Mustard is far too ageing for kids to wear.

In these toughest times of life. Teenagers need to know they are nurtured, well-loved. Fashion at this stage can be very challenging. Encourage them to the art of looking good when you are feeling low.

I hate fast fashion and it is why they love it when I come home with a bag full of vintage treasures. These vintage 1980s Gucci by Tom Ford are off-limits. They are too ageing for teenagers. But they are allowed to walk in them in the house.

Gucci Tom Ford 1980's Bamboo high heels