Manhattan is full of wonderful little shops, but the Upper East Side has some amazing vintage shops. Chelsea also has cute vintage boutiques with incredible prices on gorgeous pieces.

Vintage shopping in Manhattan is good for a number of reasons. You won’t go broke. You will get unique pieces to take home. The bags are never flashy like a bag that screams you bought it from a high-end store, and this will protect you from theft. There are simply so many great things you can find in the tons of vintage shops in Manhattan, and this is only one area of New York City! Here are five of the best shops I scouted while visiting.

Zachary’s Smile

This cute boutique is full of flowy dresses that will make you feel like a princess, button-down sweaters and other lightweight and airy garments. Of course, the stock changes often, but this store keeps a theme of romantic and lovely. The prices are just right. Everything is under 100 pounds for the most part. Many pieces are very affordable for the quality, age and style. You can also find vintage furs here, which are great for the conscious shopper who doesn’t want to buy new furs. The store is well organised, clean and looks beautiful! You will fall in love the minute you step inside. It is located at 9 Greenwich Avenue.

Zachary's Smile Manhattan

Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

This is the perfect thrift shop for those on a budget. It’s where the hip girls and guys go shopping for amazing second-hand pieces but without going broke. You won’t find designer wares here, but you will find excellent pieces without a label that will make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd. It’s a small store, but it’s packed with tons of goodies. It’s located on 5th Avenue.

Monk Vintage Thrift Shop Manhattan


If you want a designer on a budget, then stroll into Tokio7. It can be a little snobby here, but you can find incredible designer pieces at a great price. There’s Dolce & Gabbana as well as vintage Betsey Johnson, Chanel and Gucci. Everything in the collection here is carefully purchased by the shop. You are sure to find something special if you know when to visit, or you can try your luck and stop in randomly.

Gucci vintage is far better quality than Gucci of 2021.

Tokio7 Manhattan

Le Grand Strip

This vintage shop offers something the others don’t. It’s a flirty and playful atmosphere for everything sexy. Prada heels, vintage playboy and vintage lingerie pieces can be found here. It’s French-themed and exciting to peruse the carefully decorated racks filled with ruffled and sexy things. The owner even encourages price negotiation. How awesome is that?

Le Grand Strip Manhattan

Cheap, versatile and fun are three words that would describe Beacon’s Closet. There are tons and tons of items to explore. The prices are very affordable too. You may not find any designer brands, but you will definitely find a cool new pair of shoes, a pastel jumper or floral print blouses. There are three locations for Beacon’s Closet, so you can visit all of them or just the one in Manhattan.

Beacon’s Closet