A vintage ski jacket looks like it’s from another era, but we all know these are anything but old-fashioned. Start your search with nostalgia ski fashion. Here are the latest ski jackets on sale for this winter.

In the 80s, on the slopes, I always notice vintage ski jackets. Multiple colours outfits when skiing always stands out on the piste whilst skiing.

The Best Time Of Year To Invest In A Vintage Ski Jacket

For retro skiers, a vintage ski jacket will never go out of fashion. They are always a great design. And sellers are always on the hunt in Dec for vacation outfits for their kids.

Charity stores offer cheaper brands and are more flexible for fits size ski wear. Right now, everything print is popular for skiwear.

Goldbergh 2022

Know The Basic Ski Jacket Must-Haves

Goldbergh and Bogner, and Colmar lead them when it comes to the latest ski jacket trends on the slopes of France, Italy or Austria.

fusalp at the moment have opted for many colours. Being on the slopes is a time to show off your ski style.

Beige Style

This year  Beige is the preferred colour. It is a colour that goes with many other ski bottoms and can last two seasons.

As you can see it goes wow with bright colours. A colourful lining sewn inside always is practical and warm.

Beige Skiwear 2022


There are beige with numerous different prints. Goldbergh has taken a Versace print and made it their own.

Goldbergh 2022

Gold and beige always looks stylish on the slopes with big fluffy hoodies.

Goldbergh 2022

Beige Skiwear 2022

Know Your Colour Palette

Ski pants and jackets vary regarding one-piece ski suits and ski jackets. Jackets now are large and for women, the slim fit is very chic on the slopes. Versatile forapres ski

vintage skiwear Gracie Opulanza 2022

I find larger 1980’s inspiring jackets are great for holding a wallet. Where the pocket on the jacket makes the difference on the slopes Nothing is worse than getting stuck when scanning your ski pass due to the wrong design of the ski pocket.

Opt for jackets with multiple pockets.  Slim fitting jackets are not good for this.

Slim Fitted ski jackets gold

They always look fabulous with a belt buckle for a retro vibe. Gold zips are the must-have for this season.

Slim Fitted ski jackets

Go For Quality Fabrics

The base layer for a piece ski suit is all about layering. It is all about comfort and warmth. When I am skiing it is all about the Insulation of the jacket and the quality of it. Superdry jackets can be very heavy but the fabric quality varies from season to season.

Knitwear is a wonderful layering outfit to add to your ski jacket. I like the Nordic designs. Dale of Norway has great ski couture designs for 2022.

Dale of Norway 22 Knitwear

Avoid Cheap Jacket Brands

There are many new brands of skiwear. Be mindful of the quality. Noting worse skiing in sandpaper fabrics. If you are seeking a vintage playsuit on the slopes keep in mind a onesie versus a ski jacket are two different ski suits. Again beige and lilac seem to rule the slopes.

Goldbergh Playsuit purple 2021

Find A Timeless Style

Don’t ignore the added value of accessories like a helmet. Wearing the right gear for powder days. Is all about visibility. Make sure you wear eyewear for bright sunny days.

Opt for a clip-on belt. Be outlandish in colour. This year it’s all about military green a purple. Don’t be afraid of gold and floral prints. On the slopes, it looks amazing. Red for Christmas is the perfect moment to embrace the festive season. And it’s easy to spot when you are skiing.

Red skiwear

Red skiwear

shearling ski jackets

Not sure how flexible this is to ski in. Shearling is always warm in the snow.

shearling ski jackets

shearling ski jackets

But this knitwear style ski jacket certainly great fro apres ski.

Go For Gold

Gold and metallic colours look brilliant on the slopes.

At the moment due to lockdown restrictions between Uk and France, there are exclusive offers and free shipping. Pre-loved items on Vestiaire are a good starting point.

Beige Skiwear 2022

Skiwear gold 2022 jacket

Vintage Ski For Over Fifty

Snowboarders always look great in vintage apparel. Black and white prints from Descente is a classic skiwear for many years now. The pre-loved items from many retailers are always super funky from a piece snowsuit. I like what the Bogner ski suit is offering right now.