Many fur coats contain animal fur to keep a person warm during the winter season. But a new fur option offers a humane alternative to shearling mink. Learn more here.

I have been shopping for Vintage fur for the last ten years. I have bought preloved items from many charity stores. I own several vintage fur jackets. I choose to opt for Vintage fur only as a message against new fur being created in 2021. There is no need to shop for a new fur jacket. There are many preloved vintage fur buying options.

Preloved Clothing

Below I have combined a vegan handcrafted bag Made In Italy. With a vintage fur coat and Mou shearling crotchet stitch wedge boots with embellishments.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option?

I own black mink fur coats which are stunning to look at,  to wear and keep me warm in Andorra. Vintage fur coats are all about warmth They are garments that are sustainable because they are biodegradable.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option

The lining of my jacket, whilst walking through the vineyards today.

The allure of vintage fur coats is a bold statement that is a personal choice in my closet.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option

Vintage Mink Coat

Vintage finds are the key to buying natural mink furs. If you were looking for a mink coat for the winter, you can’t lose by scouting for a Vintage selection of designer fur coats for sale on Vestiaire and other online platforms.

Scout at charity shops because when trying on mink coats, it’s important the colour and the fur feels right for you. The condition of the fur looks only wonder if it’s in excellent condition. Don’t opt for cheap fur coats they look and feel horrible. I opt for vintage only due to the mink pelts already being sold to fashion designers.

Mink Fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage (1)

Me yesterday heading into the city.

History Of Mink

Fur farming began for American mink shortly after the Civil War. Mink raised on farms generally have a higher quality fur. Farmers are able to use selective breeding to influence color and other qualities.

The natural softness and insulation that mink fur provides, is absolutely wonderful to wear.

The mink popularity in using mink fur is the wide range of natural colors. Mink fur comes in three natural basic colors: white, brown, and gray. Due to selective breeding in mink farms, there is already fifteen gradations of color that can be produced, including gold, palomino, and pearl.

There is even a rare color hue called Jaguar, which is a bright white coat with black spots. The skill in finding natural mink fur vs. sheared mink fur, comes down to price.

Traditional mink fur products use natural mink fur, which means that the whole pelt is used. However, there is a rising demand for more casual mink fur wear, so more and more people are using sheared mink fur. Which is what I am wearing below.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option

Satin Lining Tips

To determine that the fur coat is in excellent condition and to figure out if these vintage fur coats are of high quality. Take a look inside the satin lining of the coats. my mink coat as lace embroidery satin lining. It’s absolutely stunning. Very rare to find in a vintage store.

No matter what I am seeking on entire online purchases. I highly recommend buying from reputable platforms such as Tik Tok, Amazon and luxury vintage online brands.

Shearling Mink Furs - An Animal Cruelty-free Option

What Is Shearling?

I own preloved shearling coats real fur and fake fur coats. Which are all o sale on Vestiare. Shearling is recently shorn sheep’s skin. That skin goes through a tanning and dyeing process with the wool left on, making the shearling usable in many products. It’s considered a fur product because the wool remains intact after it’s processed. Checkout my Kooples brand new fake shearling black coat.

Shearling vintage fur jackets snow (2)

Shearling vintage fur jackets snow (2)

Shopping For Vintage Shearling

I buy from charity shops that sell high-quality fur. I am all about a unique look as I am now fifty.  Luxury furs for ladies from Italy are always worn during winter. Villa’s are very cold in Italy and fur coats are a necessity. It keeps the gas bill low in Italy.

Impact of Land and Rural Estate Properties Regarding Travel

Earth Friendly And Animal-Friendly Alternatives

By buying vintage fur it’s a message of containing to wear luxury garments already made thirty years ago. I am getting older and getting colder and the fur coats are excellent for Eastern Europe, ski resorts like Alta Ba dia. It gets very cold in Russia, Romania and due to gas bills soaring. Vintage fur is a natural alternative to stay warm.

Rabbit fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage coat

I am inspired by the House Of Gucci vintage fur coat worn by Lady Gaga. Everything I am wearing last week is all vintage finds. The quality is second to none.

Elle Magazine

In the name of animal welfare, Elle magazine has banned all use of fur in both editorial and advertorial content.

“Fur appears to be outdated and not fashionable anymore,” Elle’s senior vice president and international director Valeria Bessolo Llopiz said Thursday at a fashion conference in England, Reuters reported.

The move is done significantly for “the Gen Z, who is the golden target of fashion and luxury industry and who have a huge awareness and expectations and sustainability and animal protection,” Llopiz went on. “In fact, Gen Z wants, wants fashion to be responsible, ethical and innovative, and that’s what’s happening.”

The change means a “fur-free future” for all printed and online pages of the magazine, which has 45 global editions, Llopiz clarified. Thirteen editions have now signed a charter banning fur promotion from its advertisements, editorial and social media content. Twenty others will do so beginning.

What About Vintage Fur Versus Upcycling

“It’s a really great opportunity to increase awareness for animal welfare, bolster the demand for sustainable and innovative alternatives and foster a more humane fashion industry,” Llopiz told Reuters of the move at the annual Business of Fashion’s Voices 2021 conference. “We do hope it will open the path to other media to do the same.”

The move by Elle follows fur bans by a number of fashion houses and retailers, including luxury group Kering, which made the move in September, four years after its label Gucci.

Vintage fur Lady Gaga House Of Gucci

Fur Care

When not wearing fur makes sure it’s on a natural hanger wrapped in a cloth bag. It’s good for the silk and sheepskin to be stored in a closet for the next time I wear my vintage fur coats. I am all for Made In Italy or Europe products. The return of nostalgic fashion is a trend I always wear.

The Slaughtering Of Danish Mink During Covid

Where and WHO is their right mind decided to illegally slaughter these precious animals.

The Danish government spared no mink, killing infected and healthy animals, alike.

“We would rather go a step too far than take a step too little to combat Covid-19,” the country’s foreign minister Jeppe Kofod said at a press conference in early November.

 The country’s prime minister later apologized and its food and agriculture minister stepped down when the order to kill the animals was declared illegal.

It’s why I will never buy brand new fur coats from any boutique or store. The vintage fur coats I own are over 30 years old.