In the last 15mth has the media not highlighted fear in our lives. The fear of covid 19? Every day, the media has placed fear in our everyday living. The lockdown life was enforced on us. We are in a pandemic and if we stepped outside we would all die. The fear the media controlled us and more so than ever. This is one global fear-mongering game. The fear we would starve. The fear that we would exhaust our medical team if we stepped outside. The fear that we would kill others if we did not stay in lockdown. The fear that millions and millions would die.

Do you know the money we spent on covid 19 so far would have eliminated world hunger?

We are in world war three. The fear world we live in now is why Covid 19 is not our killer. The fear and HATE and division amongst our leaders is the biggest threat to humanity. It’s all driven by fear.

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Fear Of Leaving Home

Fear of going outside, living, hugging and meeting people in our new mental health challenge. How many of you are afraid to travel, go and meet friends and hug. How many of you are comfortable accepting that lockdown life is our new way of living? How many of you have bought a second car as you don’t want to take public transport.

How many of you don’t want to go back to the office workplace? How many of you just buy clothes online? How many of you have sold your house, relocated out of fear?

Masks Outside

I can’t fathom and stand the masks outside the law. How can air just spread covid 19? What is wearing masks outside really about? How many of you out of fear wear it. The high imposing fines are the most fear inputting message of them all. How many of you run with a mask outside? how many of your drive on your own wearing a mask?

The wearing of masks as humans are so would destroy. You can’t see anyone emotions or smile. If you dare not to wear a mask outside like me. The hate looks and fear on other’s is a killer in itself.

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I Got Covid

Covid is real and so is the fear inputting messages of death. Our freedom has been taken away. My will to live has been taken away. My desire to work has been stripped. Many people like myself who are self-employed get no support. So the fear of no food on the table brings so much anxiety. It’s easy when you have income coming in. It’s easy when you are on furlough. But it is another level of fear when you know if you get covid 19 you can’t work.

I got covid after one year. It was tough going. My faith is why I know I did not fear when I found out. I did not fear doctors telling me the lasting effect. I did not fear when they said to call the emergency number if I felt unwell.

The fear of going to the hospital is what gripped me the most. Allowing them to take over my body was not going to happen. my friend who got Covid 19 with me is stuck 11 days in the hospital. Been told his lungs are affected. I know that lung feeling. I had it. I fought it with natural remedies and remaining calm. My husband and friends were no help at all. The fear they put in me. Let me tell you what happened when I let fear in.

Fear Versus Gut Instinct

But the fear from my loved ones and Friends was the biggest fight. It’s everyone else around me that are full of fear. We called the doctor as my husband felt worse. The doctor came measured us all. My husband was complaining about not breathing well. So we called a doctor.

My husband’s oxygen was in tip-top shape, for a sick man. I could see mentally he allowed the fear-mongering covid effect to take over his mind. But for his peace of mind, I played the medical game. I was shocked when the doctor told me that my lungs were swollen. That it was me with the problem. I nearly dropped dead out of shock.

So it goes to show, that we can’t always assume we are well. I will get more tests for my lungs. The reason for that as I do have a reoccurring cough for the last three years. Of course, that has affected my lungs, not covid. Who has been to the doctor for the last two years? I certainly have not. one being, fear I will get thrown in hospital and the second is if you can get access to a doctor.

Doctor Access

I know many people are getting ill, due to doctors not seeing them. you have to book a zoom call. This is an act against humanity. Out of fear we no longer can access doctors. Why are we allowing this to even legally take place? Cancer patients and other illnesses are killing people. Were we not to during lockdown one, the reason it was enforced is that the medical system could get its act together and set up for a pandemic. Over one year on and we can’t still access our basic medical staff.

Fear Of Killing Loved Ones

I can’t fly into Australia as an Australian due to Australia enforcing a fly in but not allowed to fly out policy. So the fear of never seeing my mother and family is real and it is a real fear. Australia will be closed till 2022. Of course, I won’t fly into Australia and take the risk of not seeing my children. Who in their right mind would do that? I know those Australian’s stuck in India did take that risk. And now they ain’t flying into Australia for a few months.


I am surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and nature God can make. Tuscany is a stunning area of Italy. I was in the best possible place to get ill. I am obsessed with the roses that are in and outside my villa. What a true blessing to be able to heal in a natural place like this. I am grateful. I know that many do not have the access to live so amazingly. But I truly know it is the God I serve that got me here. As a god-fearing person of course I get access to the best in the world. God blesses his own people. Otherwise, why serve and take the risk of being persecuted in preaching the good news and gospel to others.

I have had heartbreak and tragedy in my life, it is called life. Just because you love and serve Jesus does not mean bad and evil does not happen to me. In fact, I have experienced horrible tragedy in my life that I know not many of my friends have. They don’t even believe in God. Explain that to me?

In fact, the 18 people that I came in contact with whilst Covid 19 was in my body. No one got Covid. None of them believes in God. I am a faith fearing woman and I got covid19. Explain that?

It is my faith that saved me the last two weeks. Along with side God-given instinct and prayer chains I asked for. I spoke healing scripture over me and my family. My husband was gripped by the fear of dying. I was not going to allow a medical team to get in the way of what I felt to do.


Some of the roses I picked during being very ill. Roses saved my life. The colours saved me too.


I can’t fathom how many western people don’t believe in the supernatural and spoke curses. I am always praying against people’s horrible words over my life. Or even the non-intentional ones. Like I got during me being sick. Friends were saying, I was going to die. That is a curse, that I prayed against. Even now, the Covid 19 curse after effects. Such as, my hair will fall out, or my lungs are damaged for life. or I will take months to recover if at all. After 14days I assure you 100%, I feel amazing. Today I walked 3km without any issues. I know it’s was me rebuking words spoken over me and my life. I know it was prayer against us as a family being ill.

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say in response to these.

If God is on our side, can anyone be against us? If God is on our side, who is there to appear against us? But the LORD is with me like a fearsome warrior.

I know God since the age of two. I have experienced near-death moments more than three times in my life.  I nearly lost my daughter and husband to death. It is only God that saved them. God has the power of death and life no one else.

Fear Of Poverty

It is my biggest fear to be poor again. I know what it is to be without, gifts, glamour and food. I know how humbling it is to be given second-hand clothing. I know the feeling of having no money to buy items I want. It is the biggest fear to not have an income during Covid 19. But God actually doubled my online revenue, during Covid 19. God made sure we were in the most stunning living space during the last few lockdowns here in Italy.

God gave me 5000 olive trees to walk through, touch and hold onto. The tree of life and the tree of hope.

Selling My Possesions

I sold all my furniture and left a very safe country to come to Italy. I trusted God and obeyed his prompting. it’s hard living a life in a suitcase and not knowing security. But that is faith without fear. That is who God made me. I have met and had the best lifestyle experiences during the last six months of my life. I have done so much during a fear inputting world. The simple reason is I would rather die living a life without fear than, being locked up and controlled by fear inputting leaders.

We Are In A War

Open your eyes, we are in a war against humanity. Our freedom of speech is controlled if we speak out against Covid 19. Hate amongst each other is at its all-time high. Media and fear have bought division against each other’s opinions. I am a warrior of truth. God-fearing woman and I have always boasted about the Christian God that died for me so I may live. I preach the good news and hope to those who need to hear it.

I will access and use fresh herbs and food to keep my body in a place of health. I will spiritually fight for God and his truth. Regarding the vaccine, over my dead body will I be taking that.

I had Covid 19 very bad and survived and that is down to the prayers and the God I serve. When I die, I know I am going to heaven.

Ephesians 6:12