I live on a huge Tuscany estate. Today after 8mths and recovering from Covid. I decided to walk naked. Surrounded by amazing nature and roses. I thought why not take a leaf out of Eve’s book and walk naked. It’s been years since I did this. I was a child growing up in Australia loved running around naked.

Put yourself at risk, which is why I walked naked.


Why Walk Naked?

I have been ill for two weeks and my family too have been stuck with covid. It’s been hard as I was due to leave and go to Rome. The art of innovation is why I am walking naked in this stunning garden. To connect with the trees, grass and flowers. The desire to making meaning is why I am walking naked. Determine how I am making meaning is why I stayed in Tuscany. I wanted to inspire, encourage and give to those who can’t live or visit Italy. To understand how unique Tuscany is.

Don’t be afraid to expose your nakedness.

Why did it take 8mths to walk around naked? No one is around late evening. Why did it take an illness for me to strip my clothes? I want others to understand that exposing your naked body to nature itself. is freeing and letting go of the fear of being seen.

It’s fear of being seen naked why I did not run around my huge garden. I am upset that I did not do this before. But everything has its perfect timing.

Poppies Tuscany

What Do You Do When Caught Naked?

What is so bad about being caught running around naked? Why is it such taboo to be walking around naked?  It is for body confidence? Or the embarrassment of being seen as who I really am. I was nervous walking around naked. I could hear the owner on the estate. I pondered what would I do if he saw me naked. I know he would be more mortified and horrified seeing me naked than the other way around. Or maybe not. Maybe I would make his day.


Places To Start Naked

Your own backyard is a great place to walk naked. Is it illegal? I mean what could happen if the police turn up. And ask you to put your clothes on. Could they force you? Run naked with roses, at least if someone sees you. Then you can hide in a beautiful way.

iris garden

Naked Gardens

Gardens and estates are a great way to run naked. If you have access try it. The thrill of being caught is why you should run around naked. It’s an amazing feeling to feel nature and wind on your body. It’s a wonderful way to a with mental distress. Wisteria is a wonderful plant to cover and hide your personal parts.

Have fun running around naked. Live each day as it’s coming. Run free and naked.

Chinese Westeria Tuscany gracie opulanza

Lockdown Life

I was in lockdown for the month of April. So when I could go out, I got Covid. Hence why today I chose to walk around naked after so many years. Life is so hard right now. Do something that will give you a positive fear.