I have had a very stressful few weeks. Covid has resulted in my travel plans shattered. My husband in hospital and dealing with people that have no compassion. Landlords just focused on making money when I am stressed. Prayer and a strong mindset are why I have ridden this wave very well and at peace.

On this Estate here in Tuscany I am surrounded by endless amounts of roses. Birds singing all the time. It’s an amazing sound to hear. I am a visual learner so seeing roses is why every day I pick and fill my villa with them.


Lockdown Life

I have been on the estate for five weeks in lockdown. I have been on and off in this lockdown life. So life is becoming frustrating and boring. It’s the roses that gave me a diverse way of coping. Touch plants really help your body, soul and mind.

Pink Roses

I don’t know much about gardening but I have discovered my skill for picking roses and placing them in contrasting settings. These pink roses are my favourite as they look like tissue paper. They are so soothing and edifying to my soul. I sleep with them next to my bed. Loving and appreciating the free gift nature give to me. When my husband got worse, in distress I would pick the roses. It just calmed me.

pink roses

Red Roses

These are wonderful to look at. But I never picked them. It just did not speak to me. They are fragile rose and not what my mind needed. As a whole plant, they are wonderful to just glare at.

red rose

Lilac Pink

These smaller roses, I often pick to place in ice cream bowls. They look so lovely in my villa. I like how small and fragile they look. They are a soothing colour for fighting anxiety and worry.


Orange Flowers

The combination of orange and red is wonderful. Roses on fire is what they remind me of. A colour to keep on fighting for health and peace.


Arranging My Roses

I place roses in all kinds of pots. I like to even put them in my teapot. Upcycle glass gelato pots. I put them in a marble sink and dry them. They look and smell amazing in a rustic fireplace setting. I also reused my candle holders and filled them with dry roses. The candle glass is thick and of high quality. It is easy to just place them in a pot and they naturally dry up.

dried roses

I also had a minor accident with my car so more stress meant, picking more roses. I have never had exposure to so many roses. It’s for this reason even if you have to buy them do so.

pink rose

Rose Petal Bath

Nothing more soothing to the body, mind and soul than have fresh roses petals in my bath. Once the leaves fall off give back to you and nature. Roses are a thorn in my side but a fabulous one at that. As I fight this war with my health I attack illness with the war of the roses lifestyle.

roses red