To all those confined in flats, I empathise with you. I too in the spring was in a tiny space with my family of four. What can you do to make your flat or home connected to nature? Why are flowers and natural therapeutic for mental health? How do you protect the mind from gripping you into fear?

Nicole Kidman in Byron bay Australia filmed episodes called Nine Perfect Strangers. All about wellness and mental health status.

The best colours in the world are the ones inspired by nature.

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Picking Your Favourite Flowers

My mum lives in Australia I won’t be seeing her anytime soon? My mum loves roses. I pick them as a reminder and hope to see her in 2021? I have an amazing window so I like to collect anything Fattoria Mansi Bernardini offers me.


The autumn leaves are just divine and the flower choices are endless. So I choose what is in favour of my mental health.

Wellingtons During Stay Home

Wearing wellingtons right now in rich red is a huge feel-good factor and mood changer for me and others on the estate.

autumn 2020

I use anything none plastic to store my flowers.


Laurent Perrier Champagne holder is a luxury way to present your flowers.

Fashion Inspired Colours

My Helly Hansen trench coat matches the leave and the trees and it makes me feel positive. What you wear will help settle your mood.

What you read and looking on social media will determine how you survive during this second lockdown. Nature will settle your mind but you must get out and walk, run and exercise.

Flowers – Mental Wellness During Lockdown

Mushroom season

I have never seen the most outrageous and large mushrooms as I do here in Italy. I like to place flowers within the mushroom for interior design purposes. And my mental mood is strong due to the endless flowers inside the villa.

mushroon italy

Look at how nature always inspires you to recreate anything you choose too. Also does wearing clothes that make you feel happy.

mushroom italy

The texture and colours are just so soothing to me and it helps me write. I love that I don’t have to wear a mask here whilst walking the estate.

villa Buon Visi Tuscany Lucca


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Flowers & Nature - My Mental Wellness During Lockdown