We are all in a second lockdown. So why not opt for sorting out Christmas. I am on a huge estate here in Tuscany Italy, Fattoria Mansi Bernardini living the Al Fresco lifestyle.

So for Christmas, it doesn’t mean that I have to cut back on the beauty.  By drying out plants when everyone else’s decorations are coming down, I’m keeping them there until spring.


The endless amount of organic Christmas decorations available to me is why. I am getting ready for the festive season of December.

Christmas Decorations - Sustainable Tips From Your Garden

Each day I add to my home more and more plants.


Sustainability is what driving me regarding the decor. With so much access to nature, I am going to be creative. The waste associated with Christmas,  is just mammoth, including the seven million or so trees that are discarded each year. It feels wrong.

‘The Christmas tree is a beautiful tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

Here on the estate, I may very well opt for an olive tree. Right now the olive trees are being pruned, therefore plenty of branches to use to create a very local Christmas tree.

Italian Villa

I am in a huge Italian Villa so rather than focusing just on the living room. I am going for it here. Currently, the decorations flow all around the house, including the bedrooms.

Opt for more creative spaces the access to nature in the villa makes this the most sustainable Christmas decor I have ever done.

garden christmas decorations (3)


Pyracantha is just the perfect organic garden Christmas decoration. They are robust, look great and can be used to set the festive mood.

Pyracantha (from Greek pyr “fire” and akanthos “thorn”, hence firethorn) is a genus of large, thorny evergreen shrubs in the family Rosaceae, with common names firethorn or pyracantha. They are native to an area extending from Southwest Europe east to Southeast Asia.

Christmas Decorations - Sustainable Tips From Your Garden

I have already decorated my window and lounge rooms with loads of them.


The red and green are so very festive. I did not have to spray paint them.


This is my bedroom window. I sleep with them as they are just stunning to look at. Good for my mental wellbeing and sleepless nights.

Hydrangeas Drying Flowers

Hydrangeas work brilliantly, for drying flowers. Hang them upside down in a dry, airy, not-too-bright sunlight otherwise, you will bleach them.

Try drying your own flowers at home – hydrangeas work brilliantly. Hang them upside down in a dry, airy, not-too-bright room so they don’t get too bleached by the sunlight.

Don’t they look amazing? I can use them for as long as they last.

Fattoria Mansi Bernardini Tuscany Italy 2020 (19)


Tree Cones

It is like God speaking to me through nature. Look at these cone colours. How Christmas like are they.

christmas cone Tuscany Italy 2020 (2)

Take Time

Every day I am adding plants to my very rustic home. The more I explored the estate the rustic fire room became a garden inside. It really created a calm atmosphere. And the plants softened the room.

Christmas Decorations - Sustainable Tips From Your Garden

I had to bring in my outdoor plants for winter. They are flowering due to my central heating being on. It’s so beautiful to have so many. A great oxygen tank inside my kitchen.

indoor plants for christmas

Autumn Leaves

They are huge and the burnt orange colours make an awesome natural accessory, for my dining table.

autumn leaves

As I plot around the estate I opt to stay warm, with my Secretof3 cashmere shawl.

christmas red fashion 2020 gracie opulanza

I teamed them with my red  Caretti Clogs to get into the Christmas mood. It’s all about mental fashion well being and an excuse to dress up.

Dress up for the occasion and wear a red hat.

Stetson Amasa Vita Hat

Amasa Vita Felt red hat is the ideal way to keep my head warm and get into the festive month. Due to it being felt it feels really nice and it is such a personal fashion statement too.

Caretti clogs Cashmere Shawl

You can’t go wrong teaming a red leather skirt with a lace shirt for a more elegant vibe. It gets me right in the festive mood.


There is a palette of materials, bracken, teasels and flowers I can choose. You can never have too many roses. I collect them every day. they soften the other Christmas decor around the rustic villa.

roses and cones for christmas decorations (2)

I have been here for three months and am amazed when walking in the woods, there are so many fallen branches that I did not notice. I am now really paying attention even to the trees. I look for branches with a unique shape such as bay leaves, sage and cypress nuts on trees. I even opt for lemons as there are endless amount here in Tuscany.

roses and cones for christmas decorations (2)

Christmas Decorations - Sustainable Tips From Your Garden

I collected pears and rosemary as added decor. They matched my paintings on the wall.

Spray Painting

If you are a lover of silver and gold like I am. I decided to spray cones, wheat leaves and even autumn leaves for a more festive vibe.

garden christmas decorations (1)

Olive Branches

I have access to so many olive trees so I use the branches to decorate my Villa too. We are still picking olives, they too make a nice earthy decoration.

olive trees

Pine Trees

Instead of buying a plastic tree. Get a live Christmas tree they look amazing and their imperfections make it all more real. If you can’t access a traditional pine tree be flexible and I could opt for epitomising the Tuscan landscape like the Italian Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens).

Christmas Decorations - Sustainable Tips From Your Garden (15)

As I continue my weeks scouting for organic decorations it really brings my mood into a happy one.

Now for the big hunt, what am I going to use as the Christmas tree?

cypress trees tuscany