I visited La Biennale in Venice and it is all about how we live together? Individual engineers showcasing architectural trends are inspiring us to make our lives a more sustainable one. Using recyclable materials, combined with technology. So that our future is a healthier one. Have we all not realised how we live determines our mental health during this last year of lockdown.

We are all seeking a more relaxed life. Here are some architecture and interior design ideas you can be inspired by.

“Expect a return to opulence, fantasy, wild nights out and big budgets spent on evening dresses and stylish evening ensembles sports-luxe will not cut it,”.

Light & Space

How we live at home will determine our health, mental state of mind and stress levels. In 2020, during the first lockdown, I lived in a very small space.  My stay home experience was all in all why I left the place.

small lockdown flat

We were not allowed outside. I had amazing views of nature and brilliant light. For this reason compared to those in Italy who live in confined spaces like here in Venice. With no views but their neighbours. For me living in Venice would have been my worse nightmare. I am currently living in a three-bedroom flat with lots of noise, light but no views. I can’t fathom what my state of mind would have been after three months?

Venice Italy Rooftop Palazzo Mora 2021 (2)

The above is not my view. For most locals, not their view either.

Changing How We Live

Has this pandemic not made us crave space? For more nature and light. I could leave my place as it was a rental and I had the finance to change my lifestyle. I headed to Tuscany eventually living in a massive environment of nature, olive trees, roses and space.

Frustration Tips - How To Defeat Anxiety In Your Home

That was one of my gardens.  But, for those who can’t move what and how can you make your home a more spacious, eco-friendly and peaceful environment?

Roses Tuscany

I lived among five thousand olive trees.

Carbon and Glass

I liked this exhibition made of carbon and glass because if I had a second floor or had to divide my small space into sections.

La Biennale carbon and glass interior designs La Biennale carbon and glass interior designs La Biennale carbon and glass interior designs

This material allows light and space. Natural light is a stimulator for a peaceful life and also for the brain to take in life. In my villa in Tuscany, I hated the dark rooms. The energy was depressive.

Lucca Tuscany

I could walk out and look at this view. So the dark villa was bearable. But if I could change it, what would I do?

La Biennale Venice

I would add more light by creating bigger windows. Lighter flooring and more lights.

La Biennale Venice

Hello Yellow

Have a look at this open space, influenced by yellow. Yellow is a colour that creates a light mood for the inside. I like the idea of a large open plan building with lots of lights. City living is not that accommodating.

La Biennale Venice yellow

Here at La Biennale they are creating light by using yellow.

La Biennale Venice yellow

Space, Light & Wood

This is a dark space like my villa. So by using natural materials like wood, wire and creating patterns from extra lighting. The mood and ambience change the vibe of the space. Using art pieces in your home is a feel-good factor and positive creative energy for a calm lifestyle.

La Biennale Venice wood

Dining In

During the lockdown, we learnt to set the table and dine in. Below using many types of wood. The interior design is all about recreating an eating and community space. Also a reminder of recycling materials to avoid more plastic waste.

Living room La Biennale Venice wood

If you can have a water feature within your space. This is lovely wellness and zen for a calmer lifestyle.

Living room La Biennale Venice wood

Plastic Recycled

This impacted me seeing so many bottles. If the truth is had is know my accumulation of plastic in the past was like this. in the last year, I made sure I try to use no plastic at all within my home. I hate the feel and look of this unnatural product. I have swum around the globe where there is plastic in the sea and ocean. Thailand is terrible for this.

La Biennale Plastic bottle

Recyclable Materials

I was so impressed how there were so many examples of cloth, plastic and wood we could have within our home as art.

Wood is a soft natural-looking way of having small spaces look larger.

La Biennale Venice

Outdoor Gardens

We all are aching for outdoor space. But within our built-up cities that is hard to find.Or if you are seeking a home office within your garden then here is a fabulous example.

Bringing the feel of outdoors within the home is the key of light, space and connecting to nature.

La Biennale garden

Using arches peering out of your house is one of my dream homes way of living. Italy has a big challenge in preserving history but trying to incorporate modern materials to save on heating and sound reduction. My villa in Tuscany was tough living as it was old, cold and very dark.

La Biennale Venice

There are many villa’s for sale in Tuscany. How you make it comfortable to live in will be down to La Biennale inspirations of tomorrow.

tuscany villa for sale