I am in Italy one of the most romantic places in the world. I have been married for over twenty years and it is a hard slog to maintain romance in my marriage. Venice is certainly a place to bring back the romance in my marriage. This open-air museum is beautiful to look at. To walk, take a gondola and dress up.

Venice Italy Rooftop Palazzo Mora 2021 (2)

Venice is not as busy right now.


Throughout my marriage, there have been many doors open, closed. My husband improved me as a person and gave me the courage I never knew I had. A good partner is there to grow you and give your life-changing opportunities. A balanced husband allows you to fail, succeed and pick you up when there is no more hope.

La Biennale Venice

I would never have had the most travelled life if it was not for my husband. Nor the business adventures over the years.

Communication Break Down

My husband and I talk a lot. we have too we work together. But I am blessed as he loves to share his emotions and I have to be a part of everything in our lives together. I find this hard, as I need my space. Make sure you force yourselves to share how you feel on every level.


We are always on different communication levels when it comes to sex. I know many of my friends don’t have sex much. Tough topic but I know that in a marriage it’s all about giving and taking. He gets sex and he is happy. I just go with the flow. There are many times where throughout my marriage I don’t want to have sex. But once we do it’s all about maintaining that intimacy where body and soul connect. Try to be impulsive with sex, add roses, oils and do it at different times of the day. Buy sexy lingerie or ask your husband what turns him on.

I sleep much better next to my husband. That is a marriage where two become one and are bonded.

Distances that make the heart grow fonder is not what I personally believe. Invest in made in Italy, luxury bed linen.

bed linen

Sexy Lingerie

I can’t fathom how many people I know own the worse lingerie. I throw out my underwear every 6months. I invest in them when they are on sale. Lingerie is expensive. During the lockdown, I felt to buy lingerie, lace bras and underwear. TKMaxx in the UK, always have good lingerie at cheap prices. When I travel, my husband sleeps with my linen sleepwear. It’s his way of connecting me and he misses me. Corsets are a very sexual piece of clothing within the marriage.

Children Watch You

As parents, my girls are always watching how my husband and I communicate on all levels. our examples will set the standard of how to behave within a marriage and a relationship. They do watch and compare what we do to other parents. make sure you hug, kiss in front of your kids and hold hands. How a man treats a woman all starts within the home.

Confident girls lead to success in relationships with men in the workforce and also personally.

We argue in front of the girls and that is healthy too. But watching fighting in front of kids is very unsettling for them. Learn the art of apologising to and in front of your kids when fighting. It is a healthy example to set for life.


There can not be a more romantic experience than to tea a Gondola. Book one with a man playing the violin, with prosecco. Tour the canals in calm. I am just watching a Gondola touring now. Spend the cash and indulge. You can’t fight or deny the beauty of taking a Gondola in Venice. If I could turn back time. I would have got married in Venice. But my 25th anniversary is coming up. I know what I will be doing for that.

Italian men are very flirty. Learn from them for your own marriage-saving tips.

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Walking is powerful and make sure you hold hands with your partner once a day. Contact is important in a long term marriage. I am not an affectionate person it is always coming from my husband. That is ok, that is our married life. Try to instigate affection when you don’t feel it comes naturally. Even if you are watching Netflix, hold hands.

Roses Tuscany

We walked many times on the estate holding hands saying nothing.

Buying Jewellery

I always pamper myself with this. But allow your husband to surprise you. This stays home and lockdown life is taxing on anyone relationship. Be thoughtful and jewellery does not have to be expensive.


My husband way of giving to me is by updating my website. I just give to myself. In fact, in the last month, I have bought a few pieces as I travel a lot and jewellery is easy to take and it is what my soul needs right now.

Nakibirango Ring

NKB London makes fabulous items you can get made to order. You also can get a matching ring.

Nakibirango Ring

When I go away, I actually wear my husband’s wedding ring. Getting wedding rings that intertwine I feel is a wonderful gift to each other. I have known my husband for twenty-five years.


Do a photoshoot with or of each other. Showcasing your love for one another.



We all take each other for granted. I treat my husband poorly at times. But it is in the art of forgiveness, openness and communication that we have lasted this long. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Even if you want out on the marriage. It’s a wake-up call. Don’t assume all is well?

Talk, talk and chat. Complacency is a killer in any marriage and business adventure.

Business And Marriage

I have worked with my partner for twenty-five years. Business and marriage is another stress level. We have to make a conscious effort to behave in different ways within the business and at home.

How are you operating as a couple working from home? How do you separate your work from marriage life?

We talk about our future goals and dreams. Visiting La Biennale gave us many motivating tips on our new home.

Geographically can save or kill a marriage. It’s why I came to Tuscany.

La Biennale carbon and glass interior designs


Divorce is easy in any marriage to opt for. It’s very common at my age, me turning fifty to divorce. I gift myself experiences to save my sanity and marriage. I am not a natural giver of my time. As a mother and wife, I know the balance of gifting to myself. When I pursue my own happiness and wellness. The household is a safe, happy and courageous environment for learning.

For those that are divorced and are currently dating, I hope you find my tips useful.

We both got covid and this shows how fragile life can be. We both have suffered personally and together losses. It’s why we are each other’s defenders when it comes to marriage. Anxiety in any marriage is part of a relationship. How you deal with it together is the difference between marriage and divorce.

Dress Up

I can’t inspire anyone enough to dress up. I see so many married couples not make an effort. Does this help? Go back to you first met your parent. Did you turn up looking sloppy? Did you not make a huge effort to win them over? Don’t criticize your partner when they do make an effort. Dress up every week even if you don’t feel like it.

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My husband and I have hurt each other. The only way to resolve it is by forgiving. Don’t bring up the past in future fights. It’s destructive and the marriage will no longer be worth saving. In any business in any passion, we all fight to save it. Do what it takes to save your marriage. The grass is never ever greener.

I have met many divorcees and they just take the garbage and bad habits into the new marriage. Marriage is a sacrifice, a choice and for better and worse.

Stop arguing and start changing behaviours within your marriage. Don’t blame your partner for your unhappiness. My happiness is down to me and how I treat others.