Why do I have this reoccurring love affair with corset fashion? Soon as I see a lingerie shop I am magnetised to the ultimate femininity that is a Cottee. ( Corset)

Dating as far back as the 1600s, it has been as a key player in the evolution of women’s fashion, predominantly through Europe. Fast forward circa 2012, the no-so-humble corset is the epitome of sexual confidence in women.

Corsets – The personification of the lady- loincloth

Like most lingerie, the key is making sure you have a firm fit on your torso. Paying close attention to your bust vs back size – much like you would a bra.  This will ensure the creation of the classic hour-glass figure us women strive to achieve.

They’re flattering, feminine and just like your favourite pair of stilettos they work wonders for your posture – not to mention your confidence.


Mirror Mirror, costume and corset wear too die for



This is divine on, looks fab with a pencil skirt combined with a see-through vintage blouse

vintage corsets

Suck in that tummy

christina hendricks wearing corset

Christina Hendricks wearing a corset


She rocks in this corset

vintage corsets

They are so gorgeous to look at

vintage corsets

Tiny waist perception is the key


More so this year the reinventing of the corset look can be stunning