I grew up in an Italian family, where bespoke handcrafted dresses were always made for me. I did then and still now support all things Made In Italy.

My German neighbor was a very skilled seamstress.  My Australian mother’s friend was also a very good dressmaker. I was always surrounded by skilled craftsmanship. These two ladies made many dresses for me as a teenager.

They inspired me to always seek handcrafted fashion throughout my life.

Today we are flooded every day with fast fashion.Sadley on-line, has taken over and destriyed  skilled craftsmanship. No one on evrage want’s to pay for high quality fashion itmes.

Could this Covid 19 reset the fashion designers regarding slowing collection to two a year?

So who are our future, skilled craftsman during this pandemic?

Who are the designers, prepared to take the risk and showcase collections, that will leave us with our jaws dropping?

Tambour Beading Gold dress (2)

Is there a market for this?

Lots of luxury brands like Temperley London thanks to lockdown remodeled their mindset of fast fashion. This brand moved during the pandemic from the central London office to Somerset.

They simply realised they sold their soul to fast fashion and compromised the quality of their collection.

Luxury brands such as Gucci announced they will only showcase two collections a year as of 2021.

Why are they changing their business model to slow demand for fast fashion?

Less is more after all.

Women are seeking quality niche designs as opposed to saturated mass-produced luxury goods.

Tambour Beading

It takes days to create this fabric all done by hand. very time consuming and one-off pieces. It’s called Tambour Beading

Is Fashion Art?

Is fashion art? Have catwalks lost the very essence that it was originally designed for?

Catwalks in the past were a demonstration of skilled craftsmanship.

Fashion trends have at many times followed artistic trends, and the bond between the visual arts and fashion design during the Art Nouveau period, for example, is undeniable.

You can read the history of Cape fashion.

in 2016, the rise of global capitalism and the establishment of the assembly line have made fashion available to the masses. Styles and brand names serve to convey social status.

For the first time ever, the traditional catwalks of the past, where it was and still is about showcasing a season not yet experienced is no longer there.

Burberry’s collection at London Fashion Week in 2016 went on-line straight after the catwalk.

So for me, it is clear that fashion is for the consumer, and skilled craftsmanship is secondary.

Fast fashion took the excitement out of buying. Everyone is copying every other designer. I can buy a Burberry knock off trench coat anywhere on-line.

There is no art in the world of current fast fashion.  There is no passion for fashion anymore regarding bespoke items.

People want cheap disposable fashion. The likes of ZARA culture where massive items are produced every three weeks are not going to challenged by anyone.

Fashion up until covid 19 was a mess.PRIMARK during lockdown lost millions and I loved reading that. I hate cheap forced laboring companies that create collections that don’t even last a season.

My red woolen cape was designed and created for me out of pure love and dedication to my body type. This cape made in Italy will last forever and I know it’s a one-off red cape for me.

This red wool fabric is not easy to find.

That is why during lockdown many fashion designers and consumers are rethinking their purchases.

red wool cape

I have not bought any fashion since August.

Bring Back Skilled Craftsmanship

There are some truly brilliant minds that have graced the world of fashion and made it their own art form. McQueen has been the greatest of these, but he killed himself. Just like the brand Apple, once the creator is gone, no one can replace the two.

I work closely with Angela Facchini and getting something made which is truly yours is worth the cash.

So who are our future, skilled craftsman’s during these up and coming fashion weeks? Who are the designers, prepared to take the risk and showcase collections, that will leave us with our jaws dropping?

Is there a market for this?

Less is more and as we on now on tier 3 of another brutal lockdown. It certainly gives us time to declutter our minds in the world of fashion.

2020 and 2021 are about less consumerism due to working from home.

Tambour Beading

Getting someone to handmake fabric such as Tambour threading is worth investing in.


What is in my wardrobe are items I have bought over the years. I have some amazing fabrics,  knitwear clothing, and accessories  That are historically irreplaceable like my YVL wool suit from the eighties.

I have found in charity shops and collected over the years. I thank my upbringing for this.  I have been traveling for twenty years around the globe. I always love finding gems regarding quality clothing.

Feather peacock hair extensions are one of my finds when I went to Bali in 2016.

peacocck feather eyelashes

Handmade Crochet Purse

Crochet is making a huge comeback as we have so much more quiet time on our hands. For the most part, knitting is distress. When I spotted this coin crochet bag way back in 2016 I knew I would treasure it forever. I still love wearing my Uganda print dress.

Uganda east Africa print 2020 Gracie Opulanza Italy Florence (2)

Bali coin metal bespoke fabric purse bag gracie opulanza (4)

Photo’s by Gracie Opulanza

The work and detail to getting to look this great and most of all a very unique bag.

Bali coin metal bespoke fabric purse bag gracie opulanza (5) Bali coin metal bespoke fabric purse bag gracie opulanza (9)

South Sea Pearl

I am a lover of pearls and in Bali, I found this gold and silver handcrafted ring. Once again, the buying experience was exciting, because the designer themselves showcase high-quality craftsmanship. In talking to them, I could feel their passion for art, creativity, and not just selling for the sake of money.

That is what skilled craftsmanship is all about. Will covid rethink our mindset when it comes to buying items we don’t need.

Bali silver gems gracie opulanza pearls gold (7)