I am a lover of south sea pearls, thanks to being in Asia. One island understands how to create modern pieces of jewellery when it comes to south sea pearls. In Bali Indonesia, you can find south sea pearls and freshwater pearls.

Every time I come to Bali I always buy pearl accessories.

On this occasion whilst reviewing WRetreatHotel Bali, I came across Keshi pearls.

What are Keshi pearls?

The Bali Pearl South Sea Pearl & Keshi (6)


Bali is a place where I continue to eat, pray and love the pearl designs.


Keshi isn’t found in large quantities and is an extremely rare form of pearl. In fact, true Japanese Keshi pearls are from the Japanese Akoya Oyster found only in the Sea of Japan. Keshi, from the Japanese word for “poppy seed”, can take seven years to form.

They are created under difficult circumstances: naturally and in a controlled environment.

keshi pearl

Keshi can range from pure white to tones of grey, blue, green, pink and yellow. One of the remarkable things about Keshi is that their color and lustre remains unchanged through time.

Keshi Earings

Keshi Earrings

How To Wear Pearls?

That myth that pearls are only for old ladies is still strong amongst younger women.  When any pearls are created in the right setting they can really make your outfit look very chic.

Keshi in diamond settings

Keshi in diamond settings

Team this with everyday wear the pearl does the talking. Wearing pearls is all about opulent lifestyle message.

Keshi & Fresh Water Pearls

This ring set with a combination of both white and yellow pearl is a super modern ring. This can be worn with a nice shirt top.

The Bali Pearl South Sea Pearl & Keshi (3)

The versatility of the Keshi pearl is due in part to the fact that they come in many shapes, hues, lustres, colours and sizes.

South Sea Pearl

A cheaper option depending on the materials used in the south sea pearls. They also can look very trendy and in the right setting, it can complete a look at making your everyday wear very chic. I wear mine all the time depending on what events I head too.


This odd shape is an Avante Garde way of wearing pearls in a modern lifestyle. An again subtle way of being stylish

Pearl Bracelet

I have delicate pearls bracelets such as below. Which can be worn with anything. I opt for a more chunky freshwater pearl which I wear around four bracelets at a time. It looks so powerful.

The Bali Pearl South Sea Pearl & Keshi (1)

With each Keshi purchase, you get a certificate stating its real.

The Bali Pearl South Sea Pearl & Keshi (5)


Keshi Ring

The Keshi pearl in this flower-inspired setting looks amazing. Investing in this accessory I can wear it time and time again.

I wear it with anything and everything all year round.

Bali silver gems gracie opulanza pearls gold (7) Bali silver gems gracie opulanza pearls gold (1)

Live The Pearl lifestyle

From going out having a cocktail or drinking hot chocolate pearls can be worn all the time.

keshi pearl


If you seeking something more delicate and subtle opt for pearl earrings.

keshi pearl

The importance of women wearing jewellery is a way of living an opulent lifestyle.