Welcome to Gracie Opulanza


Was launched in January 2012 initially as a blog for female fashion. Since then, it has become the personal blog of Gracie Opulanza, one of the founders of Fortenova Media.

In her blog she critiques up and coming fashion brands alongside her encounters from the world of fashion, sports and other events. In depth interviews from the people she encounters to the development of her personal style, her broad spectrum of coverage delights and excites.

Publication favorites such as her controversial insights into the fashion industry and opinions reinforce that Gracie Opulanza is all about the personal relationship and the story behind the success.

GracieOpulanza.com is all about Gracie’s encounters and personal stories. This blog is ideal for brands that like the personal relationship that Gracie has with brands and with people. Her readership and her social media accounts combined represent the perfect opportunity to get your brand message across a wide variety of online media.

There is a wide variety of online brand promotion options available. Besides all the online options, Gracie Opulanza is great at speaking engagements and doing event coverage.

In 2015, Gracie started her lifestyle reviews which are very different to what we are use to reading.

In 2016 Gracie Opulanza is the female voice for menswear.