I have been wearing London Sock Company, socks for years now. Even though they are targeted at men. How many of us ladies have raided our partner’s wardrobe all for a mere pair of socks? As you can see the choices are endless from patterns, and florals to plane knee-high socks. Sharing is caring and that certainly happens in my family of four.

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Luxury Car Socks

I review luxury cars to inspire anyone with the cash to buy one. Through storytelling the socks I wear command quirky styles. I adore knee-high socks. My vintage Fendi palazzo trousers were too long when driving the Ferrari Roma a lifestyle car. So why not tuck them in and look how Burgandy socks team well with gold? Gold and Burgandy are a must-wear for December the Christmas month.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma white pearl (2)

I recently attended an event with 380 men. So turning up in a Ferarri Roma already knocked their socks off. But as the day went past, many men came up asking about my mustard socks. Again notice the festive burgundy colour at play here. Burgandy goes well with any winter colour any time of the week.

Don’t be afraid to play with your knee-high socks. Especially driving with 640BHP, Ferrari.

London Sock Company

London Socks Company

You can read about the Ferrari Roma experience.

1990’s Pull Up Sock Trend Returns

Commanding sock attention is generation Z who think somehow they created the pull-up sock trend. Teaming with any trainer whether it be purple or pristine white. TikTok alert at age fifty, I was wearing this look way before any of you were born.

Sharing is caring with London Sock Company.

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Lounging Around In Your Mustard Socks

I review luxury hotels and I get exhausted running around them. So when I need to take stock of what needs to be done next. I literally put my feet up and chill. Now some find this rude, but I say when you team them with your Miu Mui flats and act dignified, no one really comments except on my knee-high mustard socks.

Miu Miu red suede shoes Miu Miu red suede shoes

I am inspiring you to see how versatile this colour and look are. A mix and match of artwork in the making.

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Don’t the knee-high socks look great just thrown in front of a Bentley Continental GTC Speed front seat? When your socks have the style you must never be afraid to throw them around.Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (4) Bentley GTC Speed

Red Style Sock Tips

If you a rocking a pair of shoes like the one below, opt for some pattern London Sock Company socks. These safety pin designs are as quirky as I am in the way I wear my socks. Everything red and mustard with socks is a festive season match made in heaven.

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Red Church's shoes

You can see a common thread here when it comes to everything red and mustard.

Gracie Opulanza Emma Black Panther silk trousers Secret of 3 London (4)

Knee High Boot Style

Even when I am lounging around on my bed. After a hard day of work dancing with the Bentley Continental GTC Speed. I teamed my knee-high socks with my suede TOD knee-high boots. They never fell down once, I hate when knee-high socks do that. The quality of the elastic is really important.

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Knee-high shorts become a multi-seasonal staple when worn with high boots with knee-high socks.

Benheart Italy leather mustard jacket Gracie Opulanza Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Driving Luxury Cars With Luxury Socks

I drove four luxury cars around the UK, walked endless miles through hotels and danced the night away. Always wearing London Sock Company. As I knew they would keep up with my hectic schedule. Socks may not always have to be shown. But how they make you feel and work for you during the day is import part of a successful life.

London Sock Company

The box below is the Designer Collection containing 15 pairs of socks.

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I teamed them with my embroidery bespoke jeans and vintage Prada shoes, whilst lounging in the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster.

Kingfly embroidery Gracie Opulanza denim car jeans Aston Martinn Vantage

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin Vantage Roadster (18) Emma panther shirt secrete of 3 London

Sharing Is Caring

Sharing is caring and it is why I gave a few pairs away to my dear friends who I noticed the next day were walking with confidence and strolling around the hotel showing off their London Sock Company Style. Give a pair away even for Christmas, these socks make me happy and so does sharing with friends.

London Sock Company

You can read more about the Ferrari Roma style tips on MenStyleFashion.com

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